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    2001 rx rpms

    Just took out my 2001 sea doo rx today for a ride after installing a new wear ring and changing the jet pump oil and o rings I had also changed out the stock fuel filter to a quantum fuel systems performance filter and I noticed today on the water I was hitting about 60-61 which was much better...
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    Sea doo rx compression

    Hey everyone is 120 psi in each cylinder normal for this ski ? It’s a 2001 sea doo rx it seems to run just fine in the water hitting 59-60mph and rpms are at 7100 could my compression tester be bad ? Thanks for any advice !
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    Jet pump oil issue

    Hey everyone I needed to change a wear ring in my 2001 sea doo rx so I thought I might as well change the pump oil too When I took the nose cone off barely any oil came out and it was all black and watery and smelled horrible like old exhaust anyone know what would cause this ? A bad O ring on...
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    Plastic ring stuck in impeller

    Hey everyone I was out riding my 2002 sea doo rx di today. While I was riding I was taking a turn and the power decreased dramatically like something was stuck in the impeller so I brought it back to shore and pulled this out anyone know what this ? A wear ring maybe ? I’m not the most...
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    2007 and 2009 RXT-215 In process of purchasing looking for insight

    Good evening forum! Just getting ready to join the seadoo family and came across a couple of seadoos and the price is around 12k for the two plus a trailer. Would you guys think that’s a good deal if the doos are in working condition? Both are under 200 hours and have been maintained per the...
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    2002 Seadoo RXDI

    Good morning, I recently purchased a new to me 2002 RXDI, the HIN is 5596, when I look on seadoo warehouse it shows a 5596 as a GTX, any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU
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    Vts not working

    Hey everyone recently bought a 2002 rx di as an upgrade to a prior ski but on the last ride of the year the vts was stuck in the up position and I was not able to adjust it. It would just click when trying to put it down and make no noise at all when trying to move it up. I removed the vts motor...
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    1999 Sea Doo GSX 951 went full throttle then stopped

    Hello, I had recently changed all the fuel lines on my 99 GSX with the 951 engine. Everything was working just fine before and after the fuel line change. I started it up today and it slowly progressed to go full throttle in a matter of seconds. I shut it off because I was concerned. Now it...
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    2002 sea doo utopia 205

    hey first time boat owner here, I bought a 2002 sea doo utopia with the mercury 205 optimax the old owner told us that every ting was good but it was not, the boat starts and runs fine but the rpms are limited to around 3800 and the boat dose not go over 10 mph some times the boat runs good for...
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    2005 Sea Doo Islandia

    I am looking to purchase a 2005 Sea Doo Islandia with Mercruiser 3.0l V6. I’ve read various reports negative and positive. I called local service shops, one said no problem working on this model, the other recommended not getting due to common engine failure and parts hard to find to repair...
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    2016 GTI 155 getting no electricity

    HELP! , First Forum I've ever posted on but truly don't know what to do. My 2016 Seadoo GTI 155 is not getting any power to try to crank. It cant be battery because I bought a brand new battery. When I go to plug in the key there is no beep or display on dash. I did some digging and see that...
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    Holes in hull

    Hi guys asking a quick question. Noticed two small holes on right side on the hull. Ones red and ones blue no idea what these holes are called or what they are used for. Photo below is the two holes described. This is a 2006 sea doo wake edition 155 non super charged TIA
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    657x MPEM Compatibility

    Hello, I purchased a 94 XP last year and starting work on it as of recently. Was told by the guy I purchased from that he heard a pop from the MPEM and I have not been able to find a 278-000-071 to replace it. I did some research and found that the 95 GTX has the same engine and I believe that a...
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    Idle bypass valve stuck 2004 gtx supercharger

    Hello there, I have been getting a p-0505 error code on my 2004 gtx supercharged. From what I could find, removing the idle bypass valve and cleaning it is the best way to fix it. When I went to remove it, I unscrewed the bolts and pulled it and the bottom part was stuck in there. I tried...
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    1999 GSX Limited

    I just purchased a '99 GSX LTD and was wondering what are the key components that anyone that has had one would replace being a 24 year old machine. I know about changing the fuel lines and spark plugs and wires of course, and the carbon seal, starter, starter relay , rectifier, etc as i have...
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    2008 GTX 215 Limited injectors not firing? HELP!!

    Good day to all seeing this, i’ve had my 2008 GTX 215 for 2 years now, a bunch of work had to be done for it to work properly and be reliable, finally got it going good recently and ive ran into a new problem…. i was riding it today for a while without any issues, as i was going to take one...
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    95 xp 717 bogging off idle. Rich or lean?

    Hello all, I have a 95 xp that's stumping me and would like some input please. I bought the ski blown up and decided to buy a good, used engine on ebay. (150psi). It starts and idles nice and smooth, But bogs on acceleration. It does pull out of it eventually but one quick pull of the choke and...
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    2006 sea doo gti cutting off

    I have a 2006 sea doo gti I just replaced the battery and took it out and it started right up no problem and ran great for 30 minutes then cut off started it back up and it ran for a couple minutes then cut off again after that it would start up and run sometimes for a minute or 2 or only a...
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    01 seadoo 951 di,no start,no crank

    Hi everyone,this is my first time reaching out for help online,I’m mechanically inclined but this on has me stumped, I have a 2001 seadoo gtx 951 was working fine for a good days ride then after a day of sitting it wouldn’t start,I’m getting the two beeps when putting tether cord on,dash...
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    2019 GTI SE 130 not getting up to speed

    Hey guys, I bought a 2019 gti se 130 new and have around 45 hours on it. it is not getting up to 50 mph, and is maxing out at 43 mph any suggestions? thanks !