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Hey everyone I needed to change a wear ring in my 2001 sea doo rx so I thought I might as well change the pump oil too

When I took the nose cone off barely any oil came out and it was all black and watery and smelled horrible like old exhaust anyone know what would cause this ? A bad O ring on the nose cone maybe ? image.jpg
There are only three ways water can get in. Double lip seal on the impeller shaft. Through the oring on the cone and the fill plug on the cone.

Since water got in, I would disassemble the pump and inspect all the bearings to be sure they were not damaged and replace the double lip seal on the impeller side (make sure the impeller shaft is perfectly smooth where the seal will seat) and a new O ring on the cone.

Oil should be changed yearly and iinspected based on hours of use or every 3 months.
The most common places for leaks are the nose cone sealing and the jet pump seal on the drive shaft side of the pump. The nose cone should be sealed with an o-ring that is in good shape and loctite 518. You will need to remove the impeller to replace the seal on the driveshaft side on the pump. Because you lost the oil and had water intrusion you will need to inspect the pump bearings and impeller shaft for damage and possibly replace them. The nose cone can be visually inspected for cracks/damage, After replacement and resealing the pump should be pressure tested per the service manual. Finally, the fill plug on the nose cone should be sealed with loctite 592.
That is pretty normal for the OEM oil.
It is black, watery and smells like death.

If it isn't milky and brown then it probably isn't not water contaminated.