Sea Doo Won't turn over


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So I got 2017 sea door spark. My daughter flipped it over about a week ago and got water logged and was towed in. Got it on the lift and removed drain plug to drain all of the water and I was surprised how much there was. Then let it sit for a couple of days to hopefully dry things out inside with some warm days. Went to try and start it and it would not turn over. I ordered and replaced starter solenoid. I also replaced the starter relay. Checked the fuses and they are all good. Tested battery and had 11.87 volts. Lastly I checked the dipstick and the oil looked normal so don't believe and water got in with that.

Wondering what I should look for next? Also only had this Jet Ski for a short time so not super familiar with how some things are done so any details when giving me any tips would be appreciated.

Appreciate any help. I also included a video so you can hear the noise it makes when trying to start it.