92 XP alarm on

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Hey there...Rookie Seadoo guy,,,got the XP in the water for the first time yesterday, ran good for 5 min, then, after checking the forum posts, sounds like it was in 'limp home mode'...runs good at idle, sputters when opend above 1/4 throttle or so...also, being a rookie, I didn't notice the alarm at first, but it was on constantly after the first few minutes...this ski has been laid up dry for some 7 years without being run, so I guess the fact that it ran at all is bonus!!! I appreciate this forum, as it probably saved me from trashing the motor with 'regular' outboard 2-cycle oil...:):hurray:

I don't think that model has a limp mode, but not sure about that. Anything that has been sitting up that long needs a complete rebuild of the fuel system. The quickest way to destroy the engine is running it lean. It is very common for the old OEM gray Tempo fuel lines to deteriorate and plug up everything. You should replace those lines, rebuild the carbs with OEM carb kits and replace or take apart and clean up the fuel selector valve.

BTW, this is the boat forum of this site.
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Hey there,

Thanks for the help with things to look for to get this thing running hard....
Just got time to check the low oil sender unit, one of the wire connections was loose and fell off it's terminal, and I guess that is a start as to why the thing 'alarmed' me on its maiden voyage. More (I'm sure) to come...

Oh yeah...I noticed a red LED light between the gages when cranking the engine over the time I cranked it with a low battery...is that what it is for?

Also, is there any help for a fuel gage inop?

I think the red light is low oil. A common problem with the fuel gauge is the sending unit or baffel in the tank. Either the float stops floating or looses the magnet or the internal fuse blows. I have had to replace the baffel in both of my skis at one time or another.

You can fix the baffel if you take it out and do some surgery. You can also temporarily "fix" it so that the low fuel alarm does not sound by shorting the two wires that go to the baffel. I inserted a small wire from a twist tie in the plug to short the wires. The gauge should now read full. This is also a good way to test the gauge and determine if the problem is with the baffel.

If you determine that the baffel fuse is blown and want to attempt the surgery to fix it, there is a sticky for this common problem on the 2 stroke seadoo section
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