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    Sea Doo GTI SE possible phantom limp mode?

    Hi, I could really use some veteran/expert advice on this issues I've been having with my 2006 Seadoo GTI SE. I just bought this PWC about 3 weeks ago but it's had this problem since the first ride I took with it. It has 90 hours on it and the previous owner hadn't used it in 2 years prior to...
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    2005 GTX SC - Rebuilt supercharger - no power

    First post on here but I am lost and need some direction. Couldn't find anything in the search. I have a 2005 SeaDoo GTX SC 185hp. I have next to no experience with these 4 stroke engines. I purchased this Ski a month ago with 85 hours and it was in perfect working order. I noticed that I was...
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    2001 RX DI multiple small issues.

    New owner mistakes. 1) Took new to me ski to lake and noticed that the ski was overheating. looked on line and saw that multiple issues could cause this. Cleared grating and intake. Nothing noticed. Flushed system with hose. Nothing noticed. Used air compressor and blew system out...
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    2003 rxdi maint limp mode

    My 2003 rx di went into limp mode, and maint light went on and red light flashed. Plugs were fouled, changed them, it ran great for 10 minutes, then did same thing. Replaced air sensor, cleaned plugs, put in new gas, it ran well for 10 minutes, then went into limp mode again with lights...
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    GTX DI Really overheated

    I let my sister take the GTX out and they road it till it overheated. They kept getting the beep and overheat in the LED but would let it cool down and keep riding. It finally went into limp mode and they stopped riding. The boat was full of water. As it turns out the hoses connected to the...
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    92 XP alarm on

    Hey there...Rookie Seadoo guy,,,got the XP in the water for the first time yesterday, ran good for 5 min, then, after checking the forum posts, sounds like it was in 'limp home mode'...runs good at idle, sputters when opend above 1/4 throttle or so...also, being a rookie, I didn't notice the...