2003 rxdi maint limp mode

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My 2003 rx di went into limp mode, and maint light went on and red light flashed. Plugs were fouled, changed them, it ran great for 10 minutes, then did same thing. Replaced air sensor, cleaned plugs, put in new gas, it ran well for 10 minutes, then went into limp mode again with lights flashing. Plugs were black again.
symptoms of fuel pump failure is my guess. Pull it out of tank on describe what you find. Bills86e
hey bill , got any recommendations on fuelpumps for the di, thats not 600 dollars??? i need one also but am stingy with my money.
I could help , but that pump is about 10 days for me to get it, and another
probly three to you. about $250 would have fuel sock with it. Paypal, PM
of interested.
2003 rxdi maint limp

Did not get it out yet, will do this weekend. What do I look for? Isn't it a sealed unit? Some people are telling me it might be the rectifier, or a sensor such as the knock sensor since it sometimes runs fine and a bad fuel pump would not run good and bad.

fire it up, and volttest the battery, hold'n 5500rpm. should be in 13's/low 14's reading, if not, replacethe rectifier. The DI's are notorious for them going south, and experiencing your symptom.
5500 rpm not possible

Is there any other way to check the rectifier? It starts, but will rev a little, but pretty much goes into limp mode and flashes "maint" right away, limiting the rpm. Does this sound like something the rectifier would do?

A sensor is telling the MPEM to go limp mode. It'll need to go on the computer to
see wich one, then reset it.
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testing the recitfier

note: all the following may not be 100% but bear with me.
disconnect the battery and put the dess key in (this may temp reset Mpeg) disconnect the red wire from the rectifier.
(option pull 2 wire red black connector and place a jumper to the black wire to complete the blackwire curcuit)
hook up battery. start seadoo rev it up (if it rev up without the maint coming on change the rectifier and have fun.

Another way to check the rectifier is to put a meter on the battery and watch the voltages as you rev it up. if it goes over 15 volts the recitfier is not working right. good luck
I have the same symptoms but I started with the rectifier. I have a GTX RFI so I swapped them (same part) and a better battery because I originally got some 12v low warnings and I thought the limp mode and bogging was due to the rectifier. Nope, the RFI still ran fine on the suspect rectifier and the DI still has the same issue. So, I'm looking for the model of the fuel pump itself and not the entire assembly. I hear it's made by Bosch. I just can't find any confirmation though. Let me know how it turns out.

I have two new high performance pump & install kits. Bill


How much? Is it a direct replacement or a retro fit? What's included? If you're in Tampa, I'll need to close the deal Monday or Tuesday if we make one. I'm in Pensacola and need delivery by this Friday if that's the problem.

I'm still trying to arrange to have my ski towed to a friend's house who is a mechanic. He can pressure test the fuel pump, no problem. That would be the determining factor. I figure UPS is two days from you to me.

When towing a ski, the water supply hose from jetpump needs to be pinchered, or
its pressure under tow will be like haveing engine off and the garden hose turned on.
I will mail you the DI pump & kit today. I got your pmt for that. Bill

I will send Express, Will send e/m you a tracking number soon.
I havent had to do it yet, but in the case i need to. How do i pinch off the "supply hose"?? Treat me as if im completely inept. I dont even know where to look. Thanks Bill or whom ever.
Ok, the real Airtex part number for the pump is E11002 but it is listed as obsolete and everywhere I search is sold out. There HAS to be a cross reference to a replacement but I can't find out what it is. Here's a good pic.

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