2001 GTS pulsing - Why


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I have a fully rebuilt 2001 GTS 717. complete engine rebuild, all new fuel lines, fuel filter, oil lines, oil filter, carbs rebuilt with original parts and new heavy duty rectifier. So at end of last year I road this jet ski with no issues. I just took it out today for the first time. For the first 10 minutes it ran great then we stopped to talk and then when I went to take off if kept bogging/pulsing. It would speed up then die down, also I notice the fuel gauge now when idling along shows no fuel then we I try to take off the gauges jumps all over the place. I thought maybe the rectifier so I unplugged it and same issue. The jetski is NOT going into any limp mode but will take off and then basically die down then take off again. Is this a fuel issue or electrical? Just funny what is happening with the fuel gauge. Any help would be great
so I pulled the carb and went through it again and didn't see any issues. I also replaced the coil pack with another one I had. Going to run it this weekend and see if the issue goes away.
This is a video of my son driving the jet ski this weekend you can hear it rev up and then die down and making popping noise
Are you talking about the F1 fuse if so it's fine I tested the baffle before putting it back into the jet ski and everything worked good also when the jet ski is sitting at my house I see it shows 3/4 full tank