1. FeelinNauti

    Sea Doo Challenger Won't Start - Brief Continuous Beep?

    I made the mistake of briefly leaving the boat for 4 weeks on a trailer without removing the battery or placing it on a trickle charger... Re-charged the battery, then tried a new battery. All fuses appear ok. No click or anything pushing start on either engine. 13v on battery. All I get is a...
  2. Txpark

    2005 GTX 155 Alarm and red light 3 flashes

    I have a 2005 GTX 4-TEC 155 that runs perfect. But when you accelerate the alarm goes off and the red light on the dash blinks 3 times. No codes show up when checked it just goes to end. Any suggestions?
  3. N

    Chirping sound - alarm?

    My 2006 Seadoo Sporster (215 hp SCIC) has a chirping sound coming from the counsel. The sound "chirps" as soon as I install the lanyard, with the main power switch on. The boat is running fine - no known issues. Is this an alarm? Do I need to take this into the dealer and have it checked...
  4. F

    Oil Alarm continous beep issue GTX 155

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, I am having an OIL Alarm issue. I own a GTX 155 2008, last weekend after running fine (at 50-70 kmh) for 20 mins*OIL*sign poped up and had a continous long beep. Turned off the engine right away and gave it a try once again and engine started and sounded...
  5. H

    1994 Seadoo GTX alarm beeping

    Just purchased a 94 Seadoo GTX with a 657. Had good compression (140 in both cylinders) and ran great during the lake test. After buying it I placed it on a hydroport at the local marina. When putting the seadoo on the hydroport, it suddenly started a continuous loud beep. I put it back in the...
  6. C

    1994 GTX alarm - overheating?

    I launched my 1994 GTX today and the second I hit the start button a piercing alarm sounded and wouldn't go away. I tried to run it for a few minutes to see if it would go away and noticed that the temperature indicator on the panel started flickering. I've been using it just about every...
  7. H

    01 Islandia Beeping Alarm

    Okay-- first time out on the Islandia this summer and all is great till about an hour in at speed, mid turn and a loud beeping starts. I pushed the flashing orange switch and throttled back. The oil light is NOT on. What is strange is that this switch light is always on- its orange and...
  8. R

    92 XP alarm on

    Hey there...Rookie Seadoo guy,,,got the XP in the water for the first time yesterday, ran good for 5 min, then, after checking the forum posts, sounds like it was in 'limp home mode'...runs good at idle, sputters when opend above 1/4 throttle or so...also, being a rookie, I didn't notice the...