Oil Alarm continous beep issue GTX 155

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum, I am having an OIL Alarm issue. I own a GTX 155 2008, last weekend after running fine (at 50-70 kmh) for 20 mins*OIL*sign poped up and had a continous long beep. Turned off the engine right away and gave it a try once again and engine started and sounded totally normal, but whenever i reached 2700-3000 rpm the*alarm*would pop up once again. I decided not to try any longer and had the guys from my marina rescue me.Got maintenance done by an authorized sea doo representative (including*oil*filter and*oil*change), according to them B.U.D.S system did not find any issues with the ski. Had it on the water again, hitting top sped and no problem, after a total of 30mins when I encouterred rougher sea it beeped again. Same drill as before, marina rescued me. After arriving at the marina (1 hour after issue happened) ski worked properly

.Its an intermitent issue but I have no idea of what could be causing it.
Oil*and cooling fluid are fine.

Hope you guys can help me out, I am very disapointed with these issues

.Best regards,Felipe
Felipe, I had a similar problem with intermittent faults, and it turned out to be water inside of the information center. The electrical contacts were badly corroded. I'm not saying that's what's causing your problem; you'll need to troubleshoot.

I checked www.seadoo.net, but don't see an online repiar manual for the '08 skis. There are procedures you can follow to diagnose your problem, but not sure if the prior year shop manual procedures are the same.

There is a masked sea-doo superhero out there who will know what to do. Ski-Doo where are you!?
Have you done any work on the motor? or messed with the bottom of the PTO Cover? you can try checking the Oil filter also
It sounds like the oil pressure switch is faulty and they do fail intermittently just as you are describing. However, it sounds like you need a new dealer because any oil alarm warning fault will stay in your ECU and easily found with BUDS as an occurred fault even if it is not an active fault. It will also tell you how many times it has happened. The good news is that this oil pressure switch, p/n 420641258, is simple to change on your model and only costs $32 USD. Your model does not have the front oil pressure switch that was mentioned above and this is the only one on your ski and is found in the rear just below your intake manifold with a single wire going to it. You should check with your dealer on how much they want for it. You can install it yourself with a simple deep well socket and ratchet in 5 minutes. If your dealer wants too much for it, I have it and have shipped to Brazil before but will be expensive, probably $30 USD.
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