1. S

    05 Sportster bogging/cutting out

    I bought this boat about a month ago. Upon doing some research I keep seeing similar issues with carbureted engines, but mine is a 4-tec efi. Start/ stop is flawless, it runs fine for a while, even at speed and planing, but usually about 40 minutes in it starts to sputter and die. This happens...
  2. M

    RESTO 1995 seadoo xp wont go over 7-10mph

    Hey guys i recently purchased a 95 seadoo xp. When i got it it was in pretty rough shape, but i did some work on it and a year later here i am. I took it out once and it ran great for about an hour until it filled with water and i had to be towed in to the dock. I went home and drained the...
  3. A

    2001 Seadoo GTX Bombardier flooded

    My 2001 Seadoo GTX Bombardier was flooded with water this morning about half way full of water in the engine compartment. I bailed all the water out, pulled the spark plugs to remove any excess water, and started up the waverunner. It took about 10 times to start up, and when it did it idled...
  4. A

    2001 SeaDoo GTX Bombardier Problem >:( Please help!!

    We just bought a used 2001 Sea Doo GTX Bombardier YESTERDAY. It was running flawlessly the whole day on the lake. All of a sudden it randomly started to make sputtering/choking sounds and I wasn't able to go past 10 mph. It sounded like the intake grate was filled with weeds. The red...
  5. swan1427

    2001 GTX DI--sputters and chokes past idle

    I just bought this ski and have had it out for about 4 hours without one problem. I love the thing. New to this forum as well. My brother in law was on it today and did a spin and fell off. When it starts now, it flashes "maint" along with the warning light. No beeps..besides the two beeps...
  6. R

    92 XP alarm on

    Hey there...Rookie Seadoo guy,,,got the XP in the water for the first time yesterday, ran good for 5 min, then, after checking the forum posts, sounds like it was in 'limp home mode'...runs good at idle, sputters when opend above 1/4 throttle or so...also, being a rookie, I didn't notice the...