2001 SeaDoo GTX Bombardier Problem >:( Please help!!

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We just bought a used 2001 Sea Doo GTX Bombardier YESTERDAY. It was running flawlessly the whole day on the lake. All of a sudden it randomly started to make sputtering/choking sounds and I wasn't able to go past 10 mph. It sounded like the intake grate was filled with weeds. The red maintenance blinker was flashing. I opened up the engine compartment and inside it was smoking blue smoke. I checked the intake grate, and there were no weeds, nothing. We then towed it to the boat launch and trailered it out. I checked the engine for anything unusual. The spark plugs were a little oily at the base (I'm not sure what that means) There was about 3 inches water surrounding the engine. I un did the 2 waterdrainage holes in the back of the ski, but it didn't release any of the water surrounding the engine. How do you release the liquid from the engine compartment? Does the water have anything to do how its acting? I'm not sure what I did to make it act like it's acting... I don't know anything about these machines, so if you could help me that would be GREAT! PLEASE HELP!!!
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A blown exhaust hose may let in more water than a few inches unless you just caught it in time. Run it in the lake again in neutral and see if any water leaks are present...wait until it heats up a bit too in case a crack doesn't appear until it expands.

If the ski won't drain on the trailer..try 2 things. 1. Raise your front bunker bracket/lower your back brackets... an inch or two so the front is higher than the stern.
2. Lift the front of trailer up higher..used wood or cement blocks... holding it up by hand will get old real fast
How could I do that?

Do what? the lifting of the trailor or testing the exhaust system for leaks. For the trailor lifting just prop the front of it up in the air with blocks or wood. I doubt that you have an exhaust leak but feel free to check. Before you do anything pull out the plugs and do a compression check on the cylinders. To do that you need to go and buy a compression guage from any autoparts store, Then leave one spark plug in and take the other out and screw the guage in where the plug was. When the guage is in hit the start button and roll the enige over and hold the throttle open and you will see the guage move and tell you a number. DO THIS ASAP AND LET ME KNOW WHAT THE NUMBER IS IN BOTH SIDES.
first, good thing it starts, but maybe you have a small amount of water in the motor

ok, First remove plugs but leave them in the wire to ground them. Crank the motor and see if water comes out the plug holes..if so then crank several times with a wait time of 30 seconds between cranking. Do so until all water is out of engine. Put plugs back in and connect hose or run on lake. If it starts on the lake then run it hard for 10-15 minutes to dry it out. Don't run it for than a minute on the trailer with the water connected..if no hose connected then no more than 10 seconds. turn water hose on AFTER engine starts and hose OFF, BEFORE engine is shut off.
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