1. DJ230xp

    Any Alternative or is Big Air Cuda Tower the best?

    Anyone using the Big Air Cuda Tower? Wakeboard Tower Mounting Hardware | Cuda Tower | Big Air Wake Towers I just watched this video on YouTube, It convinced me of what I was already thinking about some of these narrow stance mounts. I recently bought a 2007 230 Wake without a tower so I’m in...
  2. Flipg520

    OEM Wakeboard Tower 2012 Challenger 180

    First time posting on the site so I hope I am putting this in the right place. I just purchased at 2012 Challenger 180 with about a month ago. I am looking for a forward swept OEM wake tower. I know they don’t make them anymore but is anyone aware of somewhere they might be available? (New or...
  3. briancayko

    Official Name or brand of the wake Tower?

    Hey guys, I have a 2010 210 challenger SE 310hp and am looking at a custom cover. The covers have an option of "Extreme Tower." Is this the actual name of the tower that came stock on the boat, OEM? here is a pic of my boat and tower: Thanks in Advance, Brian
  4. L

    2006 Speedster Wake 200 - Bimini operation?!

    Hi - new to the forum and the boat... only had it for a few weeks. It is the speedster wake 200 with factory tower. I'm having trouble folding up the bimini top with out unscrewing it from the sides. The speakers are in the way.... is there a way to fold up without taking the screws out...
  5. biffdotorg

    Kicker KMT6 Tower Speakers - $200

    Kicker KMT6 3-Way Marine Tower Speaker pods are 300W. Each pod includes 2 x 6.5" drivers and tweeter with built in crossovers. These pods are water resistant and perform very well when amplified. I am selling a pair of pods for $200! I am selling them for half the price of the empty pods as...
  6. Patrick F

    Looking for Seadoo Speedster tower top 204950158

    Does anyone know where i can find an aftermarket top, oem part number is 204950158.:banghead:
  7. ranchand

    Islandia Wakeboard Tower?

    Hey Guys, I'm planning to install a wakeboard tower on my 03 Islandia. I'm having trouble finding examples of other islandias with towers. Do any of you have towers on yours. At this point I'm looking at the BigAir Vapor. My main concern is compatibility with the factory bimini. I would really...
  8. B

    2004 Speedster 200 Tower install issue

    Hey everyone, The other month, I finally had seadoo realize that my tower on my 04 speedster 200 was in fact their tower and that it is defective. For some reason my boat doesn't show in their records as having a tower on it. So they were refusing to recall the defective tower. After many...
  9. K

    Wakeboard Tower and Stereo Upgrade 07 Utopia 205 SE

    Finally added an Aerial Assault tower with two wakeboard racks and four Polk db6501 tower speakers to my 2007 Utopia 205 SE. I also upgraded the stereo to the new Clarion M502 head unit which supports Bluetooth audio streaming, and added an MB Quart nau660 6 Channel amp. The tower, speakers...
  10. dothadoo

    Speedster Tower rattle

    My 2007 Speedster 150 has a rattle, which seems to come from the lower bolt that goes through the bottom tower arm of the stern, port side, which connects to the deck. I checked to see if anything was loose, but it seems to be tight. It is not that loud, but noticeable when hitting waves. Has...
  11. B


    I have a brand new tower for a 200 speedster still in the wrapping..I called the maunfacturer and it is the same fit for all the speedster from now to the 90's.. Anyone need one. will break the deal of the year for it..
  12. shamski

    2003 Sportster - Collapsing Tower for Transport?

    Have had troubles with the tower developing cracks on some of the welds -- front arms midway up - one needs a weld again this year. Tower only carries tubbie speakers for tunes and occasionally a skier on da rope -- otherwise it sits. So it isn't stress from pulling tubes, or anything like that...
  13. S

    Tower shake 230

    Hey guys, I have just bought a used 08 w/ a shaky tower. I have read the threads concerning this and still don't have a definite answer to these couple of questions: Does SeaDoo have a recall on the 08 230? How do you find the front bolts to tighten ? Is this something I can do myself...
  14. S

    08 230 stereo upgrade

    Hey guys,I just bought an 08 230 and I want to see what you think the best call to make with what I have presently. I've got the Jensen w/ the four speakers. I have the OEM tower ( that shakes like crazy )I have bought a tower rack with 4 Polk db speakers. I don't know much about stereos or...
  15. shamski

    Tower Cracking

    Everyone, Have a wake tower (2003 vintage) that is developing persistent cracks at one weld point on both sides of the tower. See pics.I had one side welded already last year and it is re-cracking. Now I have both sides cracked. What can I check on the tower to make sure that it is tightly...
  16. S

    97 speedster wake board tower

    Has anyone installed a wake board tower on a 97 speedster? if so any pics would be great aslo any perfered brands.
  17. W

    Installing 2007 OEM tower on 2003 Sportster 4Tec

    My Sportster came with the oval recessed shaped tower mounts but not with the tower! I just picked up a 2007 OEM tower for a song. The 2007 version uses a different mount (sticks out more) and has different turrets on the feet of the tower that don't seem to work with the 2003 mounts. The...
  18. BlueWaterDepot

    New guy from Murrells Inlet, SC!!

    Found this site while looking for some info for some projects me a nd my cousin are going to tackle on a '98 SeaDoo Speedster. We plan on a tower, new upholstery, and stereo. While the upholstery is being done we are installing a new stereo and have a few questions. I'll start a new thread in...
  19. I

    F/S New Ski Pole Kit for Sea Doo Jet Boat

    I have a Ski Pole Kit new in the box that I bought years ago. Sea Doo P/N 295 500 393. I have since sold my boat. Not sure that it was the correct pole for it anyway. There are 15 part numbers listed within the kit. I'm asking $55 OBO for it, you pay shipping. If you're interested I can...