Islandia Wakeboard Tower?

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Hey Guys,
I'm planning to install a wakeboard tower on my 03 Islandia. I'm having trouble finding examples of other islandias with towers. Do any of you have towers on yours. At this point I'm looking at the BigAir Vapor. My main concern is compatibility with the factory bimini. I would really appreciate any advice/pics/measurements to help aid my decisions. Also what kind of towers do you own and how was installation? Does anyone wakeboard or wakesurf behind their islandia? BTW I know this isn't an ideal wakeboarding boat but it is the ideal boat for my family and I would like to make it work as well as it can for what I want to do.
Thanks, Dave :cheers:
The only wake tower I've seen on an Islandia, had the top built into it. Unless you build a MONSTER tower... I don't think it will clear the factory top.
I can't bee the only person out here that wants to do this and I understand that the boat has a huge bimini. But there has got to be a tower that will sit our needs. Islandia owners are some of the quietest(in terms of posting) I've seen. Does anyone know how many of these boats were made?
I have seen photos of islandia's with a tower. A simple google search for SeaDoo Islandia comes up with a few. Although that may not be much help as you still may not get info on the tower used.

We use our tower for so much more than towing, that we love having it. I like the forward leaning tower on that boat!
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