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Have a wake tower (2003 vintage) that is developing persistent cracks at one weld point on both sides of the tower. See pics.I had one side welded already last year and it is re-cracking. Now I have both sides cracked.

What can I check on the tower to make sure that it is tightly mounted. I get a lot of side to side play on the tower, and it shakes on water -- shakes come from rear arm but I believe there is supposed to be play in the mount for the arm.. Mounts seem solid on the boat itself. Would it be best to disassemble the welds and pieces to make sure there is nothing internally that could be causing an issue.

I have seen that there were weld issues with newer model seadoo towers that they released a rear support arm kit. Would something like that be worth looking into to prevent these weld issues?

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That sucks...

You could do an over strap on that weld. You will take a 3/8 or so thick piece of aluminum, and bend it into a "U" then slide it over the top. Then weld that to support the weld.

You could also make triangle gussets, and weld them in, or extend the plate with the Bombardier logo on it to the top tube.

The real problem lies in the design. The curved tubes look nice... but when you have a load on the top (pulling a board) the front tube pivots, and tries to pull straight. All the load of the boarder is put right on that weld.
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Yes sure looking like the tubes are fatigued,as Dr Honda says gusseting in some way would be the only way to repair properly, but I would get the welding shop to grind down to sound material and re-Tig Weld the cracks first before adding gussets. You should be able to find a good Fab shop over in Nisku that specializes in Alum. welding, then they will acidize to clean the Alum. to a shine again. Good Luck
Yup, it does suck ... for sure.
I have found someone in Edmonton that has a custom weld shop and specializes in aluminum. He's recommending removing the old weld entirely and starting from new material -- as you suggest murray5p.

I'll discuss with him extending the current plate that's there to fill in the space between the three arms -- even if we have to take off the current plate to fit a bigger one. He's a custom shop so I am sure anything is possible ... for a fee :)

Looking at the design ... wonder why they didn't run the plate up to the main arm ... maybe it was to allow access to the weld when it would break. :-(
I agree with the other. Re weld it properly and then add gussets and I think you would be good after that.
Now that I thought about it a little more, you could suggest to the fabricater to Plasma cut the Alum. right at the connection part of the main tube and slide a sleeve inside the main tube about 8-10 Ins out past each way from the breaking point, then reweld the main tube back together, then drill small holes near the connection and Plug weld them shut so the sleeve inside stays put, this should reinforce this area were it keeps cracking from stress. You will be most of the way there if you go with plan A.
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Gusset and Support Arm?

Was looking at some of the other seadoo tower designs out there and can't see any with gussets ... rather they go with a tube arm between pieces starting in 2005ish. See the attached for the 2005 Sportster tower where the gusset has been replaced with a tube arm.

I am thinking of shortening the gusset plate that is there, and adding in a tube arm support. Red in the picture shows the shortented gusset mounts, and the green is the tube arm position. Keeping the existing gusset so the ugly weld spots won't stand out. More expense, but damn things would be reinforced and shouldn't have to go through this again.

If too expensive then time to lengthen the existing gusset if possible or replace.



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Tower Repaired and Ready for Business

Well, the repairs are done ... new welds for those tubes on both sides, and a new support arm between the front and rear tubes -- didn't really want to mess with the existing gusset so stole the idea from the 2005 sportster tower and got the shop to implement it ...

From the pics, it came out OK:
Here's hoping it holds up to the test of time.

Now if only I could get out on the lake -- snowed here during the weekend.
The price I pay for living in Canada I guess.



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Yup just stopped in at the DOO dealer and they changed the tower completly. on the 2010 230 challenger SP, way better set-up now, G thought the old one was good design:rofl::rofl:
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