1. T

    What ski do you recommend buying. I have a 96 gtx and want to upgrade.

    The problem is that the 96 gtx is a fun ski to ride. It spins out and very nimble. Is there a 4 tech that has that same fun factor?
  2. S

    Where to start?

    A little bit about me to start with I'm new to the forum and to all forms of water craft. I'm 27 live in Scotland and although I have no experience with these I'm fairly handy with cars and bikes so hopefully some of that will help. Ok so a guy I went to school with was selling a jet ski...
  3. 2

    717 GTI 97 stalls out at idle. Carb?

    My 97 GTI started stalling out when at idle. Is this a carb issue? Not sure when the carbs have last been touched as I am a new owner of the ski. Thanks!
  4. S

    98 speedster ski pylon

    When I bought the boat it did not come with the ski pylon. I assume it bent and they removed it as the mount is still there. I am going to get one fabricated out of stainless but I have nothing to go by. Would someone be able to forward me the measurements. Need; pipe diameter pipe...
  5. T

    Islandia ski pole

    Hi. I just purchased a 2005 islandia with the merc 250 opti. I had the kids out skiing but the tow ring is too low and we were having trouble with the rope dragging in the wake. Has anyone been able to install a ski pylon or pole on these? If so, let me know!! Also, FYI, I just installed cobra...
  6. Nike12000

    Our jetting summer so far

    When she was new... Only one that didn't load in hd for some reason. Compilation of different days Slow mo jet wake Old Yamaha 1200 xlt
  7. T

    1997 Sea Doo GSI

    Hey guys quick question for the sea doo community :) We recently went to look at another jet ski a 1997 GSI. It's really clean everything on it works and is functional on it, but the compression in each cylinder reads 120 for both. Which seems low. What do you guys think? Let me know! Thanks
  8. T

    Ski Post not working, wont lock

    i have a 2001 Seadoo Speedster, and the ski pole will not luck when you turn it at its up position. it just rests there and when you put a little bit of pressure on the top it falls down. does anyone know how to get it to stay put? THANK YOU!!!
  9. J

    Ski Pylon for 96 Speedster

    Has anyone built their own ski pylon? I am wanting to drill a hole and put it on the side of the engine cover latch in the hull. Specifically I want to see the brackets you made for the tube and how you mounted them. I want to make a tube within a tube so I can lower it when not in use. What...
  10. D

    Is a 1994 Sea Doo XP worth $2000 with a trailer and hoist?

    The hoist is a good, four legged standalone, not a davit with a sling. And the trailer is newer than the jet ski and in good shape. I test drove it and it started and ran good. I didn't really open it up because it was so rough. The price was 2500 but he said he'd take 2000. It seems to be all...
  11. Geokep

    Does any one own a Islanida SE

    If so i am looking for some photo's of the removeable ski pole that they have, i am in australia and there are no boats here that i am able to get some photo's of so I can fabricate up one to put on my boat when it gets here. ANY Help from any one would be great. maybe there is one in a boat...