1. H

    1997 GTX Project/ Rebuild

    Hi All, Was browsing marketplace and came across what I think is a 1997 GTX. It was abandoned at a rental property, but it was cheap, has no hull damage. Does anyone have a resource for a service manual? On my list so far: Power Wash Keys Missing (trip to dealer and dess coding) Compression...
  2. E

    Looking for 2008 Speedster 150 - Seats

    Hi - i am looking for 2008 speedster seats for sale. Anyone have or know where i should ask? Thanks
  3. S

    Does a GTX seat work ok to sit backwards as an observer for tow sports?

    Hello! Brand new to the forum and not a Sea Doo owner yet, but plan to pull the trigger soon. I currently have a 22 1/2 foot ski boat, but kids are growing up and moving out so we are selling the boat and downsizing to a Sea Doo. A friend towed us with his Yamaha Jet Ski so we know what it is...
  4. Peter Toenjes

    Seat base material question

    I own a 2001 Seadoo LRV. Just love it. I am recovering my seats. Challenging, but turning out good. An LRV has those hinged clam-shell seat in the rear. kind of like a sun deck. They are two piece. Center squarish piece and an L-shaped wrap around section. The L shaped wrap around...
  5. D

    BRAND NEW 98-2001 Speedster SEATS!!

    I know everyone has been complaining, including myself about the seats on the 98-2001 speedsters with no real replacement.... until now! Check out the Brand New 1998-2001 Seadoo Speedster Seats for my 98 Speedster! No more cracked / faded / embarrassing seats! What do you guys think???? More...
  6. benjilafouine

    I know we discussed already but...

    I know we discussed already but... my original seat covers on my ski are really worn out (especially the back seat that will start taking on water this year I figure). I am hesitating between buying a new seat online or having a local guy do it for me. Since no one around here was able to find...
  7. Jmartin

    Iso seadoo seat stencil

    Looking for a seadoo seat stencil for my 96 xp. Seen a few posts some old and some recent. Nobody is getting back to my messages. Can anyone hook me up??
  8. N

    WANTED: 2000 Sea DooRX SEAT (two seater one)

    Looking for a seat in good conditioner for my 2000 Sea Doo RX millennium edition, unfortunately the seat I have is in bad condition, I looked on ebay but the only one I could find was one for $400 bucks, which is a lot more then i'm willing to pay. If anyone knows where I could find one or if...
  9. N

    WANTED: 2000 Sea DooRX SEAT (two seater one)

    I just rebuilt a 2 seater 2000 Sea Doo RX millennium edition, unfortunately the seat is in bad condition and i'm in need of a new seat for it, I looked on ebay but the only one I could find was for $400 bucks, which is a lot more then i'm willing to pay. If anyone knows where I could find one...
  10. B

    NEED seat for 2001 Seadoo GTI

    I need a new, or used seat for my 2001 Seadoo GTI 3-seater, model 5523. Any colour, green preferred. Thanks!
  11. Mr. Dude

    SEA DOO SPORTSTER LE DI 951 OEM Backrest #4B214J

    FS: SEA DOO SPORTSTER LE DI Back Rest Cushion I bought this backrest thinking it may fit my 95 speedster but it doesn't. Anyway, I would like $50 shipped if you are interested. The item has a little bit of sun fade but is otherwise in excellent condition.
  12. S

    Seat covers

    Hello everyone I have recently purchased a 99 Seadoo speedster sk its in good clean condition however the seats are starting To crack could anyone please tell me where I could get replacement Seat cover for it? If not has anyone had theirs re upholstered? Any help would be very...
  13. gioakjoe

    tuning my seadoo captain seat into a bolster seat

    I am turning my normal seat to a bolster seat like on the newer boats here som pics i havent decided if im going to cut away the bottom part of the seat under where the bolster sits worried if the seat lever will get in the way any ideas?
  14. M

    how do I compress the seat shock to install on my 2010 rxt 215?

    does anyone know how to compress the seat shock so that I can install it on my 2010 rxt 215? The bracket that the shock screwed into broke while riding waves and I now have the new bracket and shock but can't install it.
  15. L

    Red Backrest - 98 Speedster

    I'm looking for 2 backrest cushions for a red Seadoo Speedster. Also looking for windscreen assembly with lock. Willing to pay! Call Scott at (313) 719-6500 or
  16. D

    Looking for '03 sportster parts

    Need seat back, bikini for tower, engine cover. If anyone parting out anything that might fit, email me at Thanks.
  17. N

    WTB '98 Speedster Seat Back Cushion in Red

    I had one blow out yesterday. :mad: Anybody have one laying around? Thanks guys.
  18. N

    ISO 1998 Speedster Seat Back Cushion in Red

    It finally happened to me. I lost a seat back cushion in my 1998 speedster while cruising yesterday. I'm seeking a red replacement. Let me know if you have a spare.
  19. F

    Seadoo 3D moto seat

    I just bought a 2005 seadoo 3d and it did not come with the moto seat... Does anyone know where I could buy one for cheap or are selling theirs?
  20. shamski

    97 Speedster: Seat Repairs

    Hi ya. Looking at a 97 Speedster to purchase, but it has some seat issues -- 3 of 4 forward facing seats bottoms have some severe cracked seat cushions. The other seats look like they just need a cleaning. So, how easy is it to swap out seat bottoms or are they integrated bench units? Is it...