1. T

    2006 RXT Knocking noise at 3000RPM

    Hi all, I wanted to see if I could get some help figuring out this weird issue I'm having with a 2006 RXT. I inhereted it from my father with a basically unknown history as he's never been big on any sort of maintenance, and it also sat down in FL uncovered for close to 2 years, so I went...
  2. D

    2018 RXT-230 Steering Cable Asseumbly (rear)

    Good morning All - first time poster. I did look elswhere in the forum but cannot find this specific issue, apologies if I misseed it and please direct me there if you see this issue previously being discussed. On my RXT-230, the rear steering cable assembly seems to have come apart from / at...
  3. W

    1st gen Ibr module board repair

    My friend I have like 10 skis combined. We now have 4 bad ibr control modules. Is there a service to repair the boards? Is there a specific part that is going bad on the boards? Looking at spending $4500 for 4 new ibr assemblies isn't ideal. Of the 3 boards that I've opened and removed...
  4. G

    Seadoo RXT 230- “Check Key” after throttle body replacement

    Hey guys, I have a 2019 RXT 230, the throttle body went bad so I ordered a new one and just installed it. When I tried turning it on, I get a “check key” on the screen and I’m not allowed to do anything else. It does not turn on and a weird ticking noise starts. Only way to get rid of the...
  5. R

    Gas Shock Removal on Hood 2018 RXT - Need Help

    Hey there! Need some help... I'm stumped. I cannot seem to figure out how I can remove (then put back) the gas shock that's holding up the hood. Any advice would be great!! Please see picture. Why am I removing? I need to review fiberglass work that was done on the machine. It's been...
  6. bwynne

    2007 RXT no beeps or power to dash.

    Hey everyone. I have a pair of 2007 RXT's. The red one seems to be the trouble maker. At the end of last season I replaced the key post, and test many many times to make sure it worked. Both skis were winterized and stored. This week I put a brand new battery in and nothing; no beeps, no...
  7. DiogoS

    Supercharger issue

    Hi folks. I’m new here and would love to have some help from you guys. So let’s start from the beginning: I bought a 2005 rxt 215 about 1 year ago with 150hours and now it’s just over 200hours and the supercharger is fucked (totally fucked) so I tried to remove it but one of those 3 bolts is...
  8. mahdian

    2018 Seadoo RXT X RS O.T.A.S Failure

    Hello, I have 2018 Seadoo RXT X RS that have O.T.A.S failure and problem. After checking faults in BUDS2, we have this Active Fault: ECM - Active - P1550 - Otas sensor voltate not plausible. Is there any O.T.A.S sensor on this PWC? I cant saw that. Please Help
  9. D

    05 GTX supercharged won't turn over

    Hey everyone I'm wondering if U can help me with my jetski problem I have a 2005 GTX supercharged Rotax engine I took it out today was going fine for five minutes then the check engine light came on it wasn't reving out properly like it wasn't getting enough fuel or something when U tryed to...
  10. B

    2011 RXT X Blown Engine Help...74 hours!

    Anyone have any thoughts or insight on the issue I'm experiencing? 2011 RXT-X, with 74 hours runtime - Seasonally serviced at BRP dealers The unit was running, shut down, restarted and had an obvious knock in the engine. The unit was operated to get to shore approximately ¼ mile at idle...
  11. Scotty06rxt

    Please help. 2006 rxt fault codes

    Hi guys. I own a 2006 seadoo rxt supercharged. Had a fault code the other say p0111 intake air temp sensor. Replaced that also found my intercooler leaking. Replaced that last night. Took it out today for testing. Got the p0111 code once again. Stopped on shore to check wiring. Tested again...
  12. R

    2015 RXT 260 IBR Failure, Low Battery Voltage?

    Hello all- seeking some advice on an issue I'm having with my 2015 Seadoo RXT 260. Today I was cruising around the lake and after about an hour, maybe 2 hours of riding, I came to a stop and noticed the ski would not go into neutral or reverse and the IBR light was solid red, not flashing. I...
  13. W

    new guy, hesitant to buy Sea-Doo now?

    Hey guys, I've lurked for a few days while researching a possible purchase. I was probably a few hours from pulling the trigger on a pair of '05 RXTs that appear to be in really good shape 135/146 hrs, but having read here about the RXT issues (specifically the supercharger rebuild), I called...
  14. W

    2007 RXT limiting revs to 5600 rpm

    Hi all! This is my first post to seadooforum. This is now third season with my 2007 RXT 215, and I've had no problems with it so far. It has 106 hrs on it and I've done the S/C rebuild at 100 hours like suggested since these things are notorious for having issues down the road. During a...
  15. T

    Is it possible to only have 71 hours on a 14 year old rxt?

    Did this person buy it and not ride it? I would do that in one summer.
  16. C

    Sea-Doo RXT AS 260 Wrong Wear Installed

    Hello Sea-Doo community, Can rocks do this kind of damage to a wear ring? It look more like the prop blades made this carving than rocks jammed in ? We had the blue one original wear ring for 3 years... it was replaced by BRP current inventory that seems thinner and 1/8" longer... Suspecting...
  17. F

    RXT or GTX IS how do you get the oil filter out?

    Hey everyone new to the site and I could use some help. I'm searched the site first and couldn't find the answer to my problem. I was to understand oil filters can be removed without lifting the upper deck. Is there something I'm missing how to get the oil filter out? Its real tight around...
  18. K

    RXTX Slow Accelerating

    I have a 2008 RXT-X and starting today it is extremely slow to accelerate. Feels like it is accelerating through mud. Once it gets up to 35+ it seems to be slightly better. Engine won't get up over 5600-5800 RPMs. Engine doesn't sound normal either. Nothing is caught in jet drive. Any one have...
  19. D

    Fuel leaking and spraying from the top of gas tank.

    Hi, when I snap on the lanyard, the Seadoo starts spraying gas out the top of the tank. I am assuming this is normally to start getting fuel pressure to the engine. Anyone ever had this happen to them? Is this an easy fix like just tightening something or do I need to replace the pump...
  20. B

    2013 SeaDoo RXT 260 impeller??

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. But I have a 2013 sea doo rxt 260, and today I was backing my car in with the trailer while my friend was on the sea doo and was pushed it off so it wasn't in the rocks but when he started it, all I heard was a loud clunk. A rock went right through the...