Is it possible to only have 71 hours on a 14 year old rxt?

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In 2015 I bought a 2003 ski that had only 90 hours on it. So yes, it is possible that someone uses it only once or twice in a whole summer.

Absolutely. Especially if the ski came from up north. I sold two 11 year old Polaris skis in Ohio and had 44 hours on them.
I have 12 hours on my 2012 RXPX. Yes, very possible but they didn't make the RXT until 2005 so that's only 11 years. So, 6.5 hours per season.
A better question is it possible too turn back the miles on a ski ?
I know that they can clear Error codes , put in a tune beat the hell out of it and then put back the stock tune but playing with the hours I just don't no. I know on some other sites people are seeking to hide their software f UPS so not to void the warranty so I guess someone may have figured out how to turn back the hours even though in both cases mentioned its fraud .
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Absolutely possible. I have seen it many times.
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