1. 3ftDeep

    Water Spot Removal ...Cheap, Fast and Easy

    A quick video on how to remove water spots from your boat or personal water craft using white vinegar, and the concentration that works best. https://youtu.be/0kpu2tEl_VA
  2. 3ftDeep

    Electrolysis Rust Removal

    No matter how well you take care of your equipment, when you're using your stuff in a marine environment something's bound to get rusty. This video shows how to build your own chemical-free rust removal device using electrolysis. https://youtu.be/ylRtpDMgGwY
  3. K

    RXTX Slow Accelerating

    I have a 2008 RXT-X and starting today it is extremely slow to accelerate. Feels like it is accelerating through mud. Once it gets up to 35+ it seems to be slightly better. Engine won't get up over 5600-5800 RPMs. Engine doesn't sound normal either. Nothing is caught in jet drive. Any one have...
  4. screamingpumpkin

    New to the forums! Coming from arctic michigan---rxt-x 260

    Hello all! Of course i am typing this thread as an awareness to my newbieness to this forum page! Outdoors is my favorite place to be. My interests lye with anything that is powered with a motor! Dirtbikes, streetbikes, cars, pwc's... Im a young lad, 20 years young with big dreams and...
  5. BOXSTER964

    2008 RXP-X jumps out of the hole but hesitates wont go over 5500 rpms.

    I just purchased this ski took it out and have this problem jumps up fine then starts to rev out at around 5k rpm. You can hear the rpm go up and down. I was wondering if there are fuel filters that clog? I have sent the SC out for a rebuild i was expecting bad washers but they look good Gold in...
  6. K

    2008 RXT-X 255 Suddenly not Starting

    Hey everyone, New here, hoping to get an answer to my question to avoid taking my jetski to the dealer and maybe fix it myself. I have a 2008 RXT-X with ~100 hours logged on it. I took it out of storage recently to get it ready to go for the summer. Charged up the battery (I believe it was the...
  7. govprof

    2010 RXT-X Smart Key/Ignition Post

    My 36 hour 2010 RXT-X frequently beeps once instead of twice when the key is placed on the ignition post and the ski "wakes-up". When this happens, the guages "wake-up" but nothing happens when the start button is pressed. Remove the smart key and re-install and it may or may not beep twice...
  8. C

    RXT-X Radio / Regulator Question

    Regulator / Rectifier Question Charging Help anyone? Guys, I have a simple question. I am going to hook up a sony marine radio on my RXT-X 2008 PWC. I am going to add a second battery in parrallel to help out. I have not decided if I will need a battery isolator or not yet. All I have is 1 set...
  9. R

    RXT-X 255 not going past 50 MPH when usually goes 70

    I verified I was using correct key, even tried learner key and it topped at 40 as it should. I had mid grade ethanol gas in it but burned most of it out last use a few months ago at less than 1/4 tank (when it beeped). on the ethanol mid grade fuel it ran a little rough at first but once...
  10. govprof

    gps glove box lid for rxp-x?

    I've noticed that the GTI series has the option of a glove box lid that will accomodate a garmin handheld gps. Does anybody know if their is a lid available that will fit a 2008 rxp-x glove box? Will the lid from any other model fit on my ski? Thanks
  11. govprof

    Picking up our first pwc on Sat. 08rxt-x

    Hi everybody, Tomorrow my wife and I leave for Cedarsburg Wisconsin to pick up our new '08 RXT-X. Yes, it's a NOS '08 with zero hours from Cedar Creek Motor Sports. We've been researching and looking at PWC with the intent to buy so we did our homework and now I just can't wait to get it...
  12. P

    need some help/advice 08 rxt-x vs 08 gtx

    I'm looking to buy a new sea doo and am able to get good deals on both the 255 3 seater rxt-x and the 215 gtx...anyone have good comparisons or any good info likes dislikes cons pros..??? I'm an experienced rider so to Much power doesn't effect me.. Thanks to any help