2010 RXT-X Smart Key/Ignition Post

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My 36 hour 2010 RXT-X frequently beeps once instead of twice when the key is placed on the ignition post and the ski "wakes-up". When this happens, the guages "wake-up" but nothing happens when the start button is pressed. Remove the smart key and re-install and it may or may not beep twice and then start.

Removing and reinstalling a couple of times usually solves the problem. Any thoughts or suggestions? I don't want to get stuck somewhere and the ski won't start back up. Otherwise no other issues, runs great performs strong. Does this on both the normal and learning keys. Keys and post appear clean.


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one beep means it didn't get a good connection, you need two beeps to start, you can clean the metal contacts on the post and key with an eraser. push on quickly and firmly, if you still have problems, you'll need to get a new key programmed.
Thanks for the quick reply :cool:Ski-Doo!!! Makes sense.... Just threw the eraser in the glove box. I'll keep you posted.
I have the same problem with my 2010 gtx 155. Tried a new key and still the same problem. I read somewhere there was a fix for this can't remember in what forum. Ask your dealer about it, my friend also has an RXTX and has the same problem. Anyways i have about 70 hrs on mine and it has never left me stranded, its just a pain.
Hi I have the same rxtx2010 the dealer now has a new program to fix that problem had it was driving me crazy I bought ski last august so did not get many he's on it they did not have fix then but here last week I brought it in ten hour service and they said we have a gift for ya I said what's that? They installed new program. Wow no more problems and no more having to wake it up first. So see dealer and ask for new program.
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