2008 RXP-X jumps out of the hole but hesitates wont go over 5500 rpms.

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I just purchased this ski took it out and have this problem jumps up fine then starts to rev out at around 5k rpm. You can hear the rpm go up and down. I was wondering if there are fuel filters that clog? I have sent the SC out for a rebuild i was expecting bad washers but they look good Gold in color no fragments anyware. i did pull the plugs dont look great but i have seen worse. I asked the owner if he had he washers replaced he said NO. Do these go through spark plugs often? Any Ideas?
doing a compression test this weekend. Starts great even when cold.
Yes, they go through spark plugs often. The only way you could know for sure is to put them through a spark plug tester. The dealer usually sells them cheap $4 each. Get two sets of three, one set for a spare.
Certainly can be spark plugs as doc pointed out. Autozone usually has them even cheaper. Also those golden washers in your supercharger are an older style from a few years ago so you may be slipping as well. If it's out, use a torque wrench to see if that gear will hold at 9nm of force. If it slips, needs a rebuild.
NGK is really the way to go. Like Doc said, just buy a few sets...they are cheap enough
Thanks for the help I'm putting the plugs over the weekend. I hope this is the fix post the results of the plug replacement .
Thanks Again
X2 on trying the plugs, especially if you not getting any check engine warnings.
One spark plug out will make the ski run more anemic than using the learning key.
I had a similar problem last year; it was an exhaust leak. Found the leak when I Seafoamed the engine.
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