1. A

    2023 RXP-X 300 not going into sport mode

    Hi, I have a 2023 rxp x 300 with about 30 hours. It recently started to give me problems when I try to put it into sport mode. I press the mode button, it beeps, and I press and hold it again for 1-2 seconds to confirm the sport mode. However, it doesn’t confirm, it starts to do random things...
  2. D

    2015 rxpx 260 will not start

    The engine turns over but there is no spark to any of the spark plugs. Battery is good and the spark plugs are brand new. There aren't any codes on the display but the check engine light comes on. Any ideas? TIA
  3. 3ftDeep

    Water Spot Removal ...Cheap, Fast and Easy

    A quick video on how to remove water spots from your boat or personal water craft using white vinegar, and the concentration that works best. https://youtu.be/0kpu2tEl_VA
  4. dfos88

    2008 Seadoo RXP-X 255 Top Speed? VTS?

    Hi, I recently got a 2008 Seadoo RXP-X for my graduation gift from my father and have a few questions about it.. I've taken it out 4 times already the past 2 weeks and this thing is a beast!! So last time I went out I wanted to see the top speed of it because I heard that the Speedometer...
  5. 3ftDeep

    Blow-By Valve Check for Sea-Doo PWC

    The blow-by valve allows crankcase vapors to return in the intake system where they are burned. Blow-by valve hose check is part of the standard 100 hour service (or 1 year) for most Sea-Doo personal water craft. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGOCat6wfWk
  6. 3ftDeep

    Electrolysis Rust Removal

    No matter how well you take care of your equipment, when you're using your stuff in a marine environment something's bound to get rusty. This video shows how to build your own chemical-free rust removal device using electrolysis. https://youtu.be/ylRtpDMgGwY
  7. 3ftDeep

    Intercooler Installation

    Here's a great way to add up to 30 HP to your supercharged machine ... If you like our videos, please Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2mZvhkk_To
  8. G

    2008 Supercharger

    I have a 2008 RXP x 255 that I purchased used from a good friend. While he owned it he never had the supercharger rebuild and neither have I. My plan is to get it rebuilt this summer. But, the supercharger has never really worked. Whenever I have the general service done the mechanic will fix it...
  9. BOXSTER964

    2008 RXP-X jumps out of the hole but hesitates wont go over 5500 rpms.

    I just purchased this ski took it out and have this problem jumps up fine then starts to rev out at around 5k rpm. You can hear the rpm go up and down. I was wondering if there are fuel filters that clog? I have sent the SC out for a rebuild i was expecting bad washers but they look good Gold in...
  10. dothadoo

    Demo Rides

    Well, I got a chance to ride the new RXP-X 260 today and man, what a machine! Not that it was slow, but I was a little surprised when I only reached 65mph. The sport mode is definitely the way to go. I did like the option for the eco mode and the inability to give it too much gas. I really wish...
  11. djredman99

    The new 2012 RXP-X 260

    WOW! I like the redesign. If I wanted a brand new 2 seater. This would be the one. 2012 RXP-X 260 http://en-us.sea-doo.com/showroom/Watercraft/overview/rxpx-260.aspx
  12. T

    Bad digital dashboard

    Hey everyone, We just picked up our 2008 RXP-X 255 yesterday and took it out on the water. while i was driving i noticed the rpm gauge wasnt working and later i noticed the whole left side of the dashboard isnt working. It wont show me how much gas is in it, the temp, or the direction im...
  13. M

    2008 SeaDoo RXP-X - $9900

    sold - delete posting