1. Texaski

    96’ GTS cutting out/losing power

    My neighbor has a 96 GTS that was running fine just a couple weeks ago, now it’s losing power within about a minute of riding. It’s reduced to about 1/4 the speed. Doesn’t really sound boggy and doesn’t die, will idle just fine and putt at slow speeds. I checked the battery and it read around...
  2. S

    1997 Seadoo XP MPEM

    Hello, I just picked up a seadoo xp 787 1997 for cheap with a trailer since it was hydrolocking with oil in the PTO cylinder. I was able to get it running today off starting fluid, put it in the water and let it run for a while to burn out the oil. It worked pretty well and the ski restarted...
  3. H

    rxt x start button not staying on

    first of all, just like to say hello to everyone. I've noticed this forum is a quality one and glad to be a part of it! my '13 rxtx 260: when I press the start button the cluster/dash only powers on while the start button is held down. As soon as I let go of the red start button the power...
  4. NScotia

    '00 Challenger 2000. No electrical working (lights/horn/vent) BUT Motor runs great!

    So, I have a new-to-me 2000 Challenger 2000. The boats runs great, so everything electric around the motor is good (even the bilge pump). However, NONE of the electrical works. I have replaced all of the fuses and even have power to all the switches. The only problem I can find is that I also...
  5. T

    Reflashing a 2015 Sea Doo GTS 2015... Many Questions

    So I've read some things that led me to believe that the factory chip is limited by the manufacturer. Some people are saying you can reflash this to open the full potential of the watercraft. I have a lot of questions in regard to this topic now: 1. The sites that offer the kit to perform...
  6. S

    No power, won't start

    What's up guys, I have a 2006 GTX supercharged. I've been using it weekly, probably about 2 days a week for the past couple months. My buddies and i were wakeskating behind it on my lake so there's a lot of stop and go. About 20 minutes in my buddy jumped in the water and i got on the ski...
  7. T

    Seadoo GTX 155hp - Power issues

    Hi all, I have a 2002 seadoo GTX 4-tech 155hp. The ski goes well when there is one on it, however when there is weight on the ski (3 passengers) or towing a skier/boarder it really struggles. The engine revs fine but the ski tends to struggle a bit, if you keep the power down it does...
  8. mahdian

    2009 RXT 255 iS main power relay not working to start

    Hi, I have trouble with my PWC. I have 2009 RXT 255 iS that i could not start its engine. After opening fuse box, one of boxes contains some water in the box and many of fuses have oxide on fuse connections. I clean the whole box properly. But after all of these things, when i connect the...
  9. P

    Need user help on older Challenger and Speedster

    Hello, I am new to this site and am writing to inquire the help of you seasoned sea-doo owners. I currently own a small fishing boat and am interested in getting into an older (pre 2000) challenger (15') or speedster for a small run-about around my in-laws lake. I have two children and a wife...
  10. B

    97 GSI Power Issues

    My 97 gsi bogs off while accelerating and maxes out around 4K RPM EXCEPT when I hit a wave with a good jolt and the RPMs then go up to around 5.5+K (which it then appears to be delivering full power). This additional power will last for a second or so (unless I hit another wave). It seems that...
  11. P

    '96 Speedster Power Issues - Rev Limiter?

    I have had an issue with my port engine this year (2012). When I first start the boat up, seems to run well. It revs up to get me on a plane, which is normal of course. After a while though, I begin to loose some power. Throttle can be all the way up, but still have issues with it. Then...
  12. J

    1997 GSI - Keeps losing electrical power??

    Hey there... I've tried searching this on past threads with no luck. I have a 97 GSI that randomly keeps losing electrical power. It's only been in freshwater, has approximately 170hrs on it. I've narrowed down to something in the rear electrical box, located near the battery. I would assume...
  13. J

    How well does '96 challenger tow skiers?

    Hi I'm thinking about buying a 1996 challenger (110hp i believe). I'm wondering if this boat has adequate power to tow skiers and wakeboarders. I've heard a few people mention that this boat is a little underpowered. Is this true? Thanks
  14. O

    2011 GTI 130 vrs 155

    I am looking for some advice please. I have owned a small sport boat for years but I am now about to order my first pwc. I have decided to buy the new 2011 Gti but I don't know which motor is best. I have read that the 130 is comparable with the 155's low end torque and start up power but the...
  15. S

    Loud noise and loss of power

    Hey Guys, I am having a problem with one of the engines on my 2005 speedster 200 SC. Either off a start or crusing, every once in a while the right engine goes from sounding good to a loud grinding noise vibrating the entire boat. I lay off on the power, start and stop the boat, wait 5-10...
  16. B

    Looking for power!!

    Hi there, So in 2003 i purchased a 2003 seadoo speedster. Over the years of storage from being away the boat has just sat until 2010. I was trying to look for an owners manual somewhere so I could do the check ups and make sure everything is running fine. I have put it on the water 6 times this...
  17. G

    97 gtx mods

    i was wondering if i could add some mods on my 1997 gtx 787 to make the acceleration and top speed better? just got a new engine in it 0 hours still have to break it in. Thanks!
  18. yoja

    1998 sportster 1800 PLEASE HELP

    Hi, i'm new here, sorry i have a poor english but i'm learning, i just buy a 1998 seadoo sportster 1800, yesterday we test the boat on water ( the guy that sold me the boat, me and 3 more peoples, 5 in total ) anytime the boat was good, he got like 45 mph with no problem, got a good speed fast...
  19. D

    2005 3D Losses Power After 10 Minutes

    Here is the story...I have a 2005 3D 787 RFI that sat for a year without any use. I took it out of storage this season, and for out that for some reason the Fuel Pump had gone bad. Replaced the Fuel Pump and the ski ran great on the trailer and hose with a fresh tank of gas and oil. I took it...
  20. D

    98 XP LTD loses half its RPM at end of day

    So I've got a 98 XP LTD that's giving me a fit:ack:. After about 6 hours in the water my ski suddenly won't go over 3500-4000 rpm and smokes a lot. I checked the compression and got 150 in front cylinder and 170 on back. No water in cylinders either. Thing that's really throwing me is that...