How well does '96 challenger tow skiers?

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I'm thinking about buying a 1996 challenger (110hp i believe). I'm wondering if this boat has adequate power to tow skiers and wakeboarders. I've heard a few people mention that this boat is a little underpowered. Is this true?
Can it? Maybe, If you're really light and not planning on slaloming. If you're looking for something to ski/wakeboard often then a twin is what you want.. :)
More like twice the fun.....yeah they are twice the maintenance, but if you do it. I dont really think there is a huge difference.
I have a 96 challenger and pull 2 knee boards my wife 150 lbs and daughter 110 lbs with no problem.

There's alot more drag with skiers, especially deep water slalom starts than with a knee boarder. You could probably get them up after dragging them around the lake, then they're too pooped to do anything... :)
As someone who has owned a 96 Challenger for the past 6 years...this is not your boat for skiing...I'm 6' 195 lbs...I tried to slalom behind this boat...not happening! It will pull 2-3 adults on my three person tube and you can kneeboard behind it, but definitely not your boat for skiing. I don't know if it's that the boat is underpowered, 110hp is pretty good for this size boat...I think it has more to do with the limitations of the (in my opinion) small jet pump diameter and horrible performance of the OEM impeller (11/25* pitch with square leading edges). It's almost like having a car with a lot of power and skinny little've got the just can't "hook it up"...

If you do decide to get the 96 Challenger...put a Skat Trak 14.5/22.5 impeller in it...that will give you your best hole-shot (without cavitating like the OEM impeller will do at hole-shot) and low end to pull with, without sacrificing top end...
You have to remember that the engines/jet pumps were designed for wave runners, not boats with 3x the weight and drag.
Good point...they are fun little boats though...and you can get anywhere with 'em...just not gonna ski behind it....
I wakeboard behind my 96 challenger all the time, no problem getting 180lb out of water. Not much of a wake behind a sea-doo though. When your driving you can feel the boat being pulled around a bit but nothing too serious.
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