1. D

    2010 seadoo challenger 230 modifications

    Hello together, I just bought a 2010 seadoo challenger 230 and did already some modifications like tower and audio (see pictures). When I wanted to install perfect pass I learned that it’s not produced anymore for seadoo boats. Has anyone an idea on where to get that? I also wanted to cut open...
  2. billp91311

    2006 Seadoo Challenger 180cs vs 2001 Challenger 2000 240HP

    Moved this post to the boat section
  3. seadooNY575

    anyone wakeboard around the great south bay of long island?

    We've been using our 96 sportster for a few years now around there and just deciding to try wakeboarding and Im looking for any advice and/or suggestions. Thanks.
  4. J

    How well does '96 challenger tow skiers?

    Hi I'm thinking about buying a 1996 challenger (110hp i believe). I'm wondering if this boat has adequate power to tow skiers and wakeboarders. I've heard a few people mention that this boat is a little underpowered. Is this true? Thanks
  5. M

    Wakeboarding Behind Speedster 150

    Hi, I'm only new to the forum, but have been readin a lot and being new to jet boats would like some input on modding my boat. I've got a 2009 Speedster 150 with the 255Hp supercharged rotax. I'm 100 Kg's and we have around 200Kgs (350-400Lbs) of ballast onboard when wakeboarding, along with...