1. T

    Jetski don’t want to speed up

    Hello, I just bought a 2 stroke bombardier and the other owner just put 91 in the tank but not mix up. I tried the jetski but when I put more speed the engine don’t want to put all the speed and go back to idle. I want to know if it’s the beacuse he don’t mix up or not. Thank you !
  2. C

    Seadoo GSX exhaust hose Interchangeable?

    Hey Guys, I have a little part issue with my Seadoo GSX 787 RFI 1999. I am looking for a exhaust hose (OEM: 274000725). This part is very expensive for me because the shipping coasts to Germany. So I found an exhaust hose for a newer model. I think it’s for the Seadoo GTX SSI 2001 (OEM of the...
  3. 2

    mids for 2008 130 gti

    hi, does anyone have recommended performance mods for a 2008 gti 130, wanting good price for good benefit, and just good all round mods than can benefit most stats
  4. S

    Seadoo beeper continously beeps

    Have a 1996 GTI I've rebuilt alot on. I've replaced the buzzer and start switch with high quality options from I also replaced the info gauge from a reseller on ebay. All the multifunctions of the gauge work. I rebuilt the fuel baffle so gas level would show properly. Temperature...
  5. B

    FOR SALE 2017 Sea-doo RXT 260

    2017 Sea-doo RXT 260 With trailer and cover. 168 hours. New IBR. $11.995.
  6. Keepinitbreezy

    Ran my rxp with too much oil help

    I overfilled my 2005 sea doo rxp with way too much oil and I took it out to the water it ran good for like 10 min then the oil light came on and the cluster said oil and it was in limp mode after that I took it home noticed I had overfilled it by a lot no water was in the oil I got the level to...
  7. Sebastian Bluecrew

    Adjust-A-Thrust Wet Wolf Nosecone review

    Here's a video I made testing this thing out, and explaining it, because all the forums I have searched, nobody came up with an answer, all I read was "I just got one, i'll let you know how it works" and nothing since 2009 when they posted if you are interested, like I was, here it is.
  8. milenas70

    HELP! Drain plugs open when in water

    Anyone can give me some emergency help? New with jetski and drove drain plugs open in salt water.. yes dumb. Got the jet ski on trailer. Batteries and e box seem to be damaged. Where to start to repair? Any advice is much appreciated Thanks
  9. A

    Seadoo 1996 GSX 781 won't reach max rpm plus hard starting

    Ok so this is the third post about my GSX, various issues. Only starting a new post as this is a complete new fault I'm getting. The ski is still flooding when NOT running, when its running it will run all day long and not flood but it is flooding. If you turn the fuel off, wait 30secs and it...
  10. Januch09

    My New 2017 RXP-X 300 & RXT-X 300

    What's up guys? Here to introduce myself to you and show you my builds. Names Frank. Just sold some of my older 215 RXT's GTX's and picked up 2 brand new 17's. 2017 RXP-X 300 Red & 2017 RXT-X 300 White I plan to mod them both, but will mainly be going for more work on my RXP-X. I have a...
  11. joohn

    seadoo 3D

    My jetski will not start, I've changed the starter relay and taken the starter motor off to make sure it's okay, not that sure what to check next, looking for any idea's It's a 2005 seadoo 3D
  12. J

    Seadoo X20: Lowrance Hook4/Transducer Install using a Split Thru Hull Cable Fitting

    Hello, I've posted a few projects on this forum under another post but figured this one deserved its own thread. As a new owner of an X20 I've been going through and dialing it in for the summer season that seems it will never come. Today it is snowing in Minnesota after 70 deg weather earlier...
  13. S


    08 SEADOO rxt recent oil changed and new spark plugs done at the shop. Went out for my first ride yesterday and after a few min when I would open it UP and go about 50mph a loud beep and then check engine light started to flash and said check engine . anyone know what it could be?
  14. S

    2008 rxt check engine

    I OWN A 2008 rxt seadoo supercharged. I went for a ride today everything went smooth but after 5 min a loud beep occurred and check engine popped up.. I recently had an oil change done and new sparkplugs . no clue what could be causing the check engine to come up .HELP!!!
  15. C

    951 gtx performance

    Hey guys I have a 2002 seadoo gtx with the 951. And it's not the di version. I want to tear it apart and get some more power out of it. I pull tubes and wakeskaters and that is were I need more power. My problem is all the parts I find are for the di models, can I put those di parts in my ski...
  16. S

    Jet settings

    Hi everyone, My 1996 seadoo gtx was not idling before so I decided to set the low speed jets back to factory settings, I currently have them set at 1 1/4 turns on both low speed jets, when I start the jetski it starts and builds up rev's up to about 4500 rpm and then dies, when I pull the spark...
  17. U

    2000 Seadoo GTX ME not beeping anymore with lanyard in

    For starters Hi everyone as I'm new to posting on this forum but have gotten answer in the past by reading other posts. I have a 2000 GTX ME which was doing nothing with my battery on it. so i put jumper cables to it and it was giving me the 1 beep meaning my lanyard was not programmed which...
  18. J

    Techniques for fishing with Softbaits - Knots, baits etc

    Hi Guys and Girls, Check out this episode on fishing with Softbaits. It shows which knots to use, which jig heads etc. Like us at for more knots, tips, tricks etc and to be notified of our next episode!
  19. K

    Hello from Florida!

    Hello everyone! I am the Marketing Director & eBay sales person at The Jet Ski Store in Clearwater/Pinellas Park, Fl. If you ever need any help with anything, please contact me or look us up at We do service, retail sales, eBay sales and online sales. If you're too far...
  20. Minnetonka4me

    NEW parts thread!!! Now with links to pictures! 89-Present 50+ machines! GSX XP SP

    Do not hesitate to call, email, or PM me for anything you are looking for. WEBSITE Nick 612-886-7300 · Used parts; we have everything!!! Stock, performance, aftermarket · New parts; Frequently needed OEM parts; everything you need for your restoration ·...