NEW parts thread!!! Now with links to pictures! 89-Present 50+ machines! GSX XP SP


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Do not hesitate to call, email, or PM me for anything you are looking for. WEBSITE Nick 612-886-7300

· Used parts; we have everything!!! Stock, performance, aftermarket
· New parts; Frequently needed OEM parts; everything you need for your restoration
· MPEM/key programming; Send us your 2 stroke boat or jet ski MPEM and we can program keys
· Expert technical support; we know them inside and out. 13 years riding/wrenching on Seadoos!!!

We take Paypal and shipping the SAME DAY is NO PROBLEM most of the time!! Worldwide shipping available.

PLEASE NOTE: I guarantee all my parts. if you find something wrong with anything let me know ASAP. I take pride in my reputation and have something very few people in this world have these days...INTEGRITY. My feedback can be found here: FEEDBACK

Below are links to pictures sorted out by make, year, and model. Please note that not everything is pictured, and although I try to get rid of pictures once they are sold...its hard to keep up. Many parts cross years and models, so if you have any doubt what will fit, just ask me.

We don't just sell parts...WE LIVE AND BREATHE THE SPORT!!!

Oh and free stickers too!! BONUS!!


1991 Seadoo XP (yellow 580)

1992 Seadoo SP (white 580) (x2)

1993 Seadoo XP (657x) (x3)

1993 Seadoo SP (white 580)

1993 Seadoo SPI (white 580)

1993 Seadoo SPX (white 580)

1994 Seadoo GTX (657)

1994 Seadoo XP (657x) (x4)

1994 Seadoo SP (white 580) (x4)

1994 Seadoo SPX (657)

1995 Seadoo SPI (White 580) (x3)

1995 Seadoo GTX (657x)

1995 Seadoo XP (720) (x4)

1995 Seadoo XP (800) (x2)

1995 Seadoo HX (720)

1996 Seadoo XP (787) (97-99 SPX) (x6)

1996 Seadoo GTX (787) (x3)

1996 Seadoo GTI (720)

1996 Seadoo GSX (787) (x5)

1996 Seadoo SPX (720) (x2)

1996 Seadoo HX (720) (x2)

1997 Seadoo GSX (787) (x4)

1997 Seadoo XP (787) (x3)

1997 Seadoo GSI (720) (x3)

1997 (1/2) Seadoo GSX limited Grey Ghost (white 951)

1998 Seadoo GTS (720) (x2)

1998 Seadoo XPL (951)

1998 Seadoo GSXL (951)

1998 Seadoo GTX-RFI (787rfi)

1998 Seadoo GTXL (951)

1998 Seadoo GTI (720)

1999 Seadoo GSX-RFI (787rfi) (x3)

1999 Seadoo GSXL (951)

1999 Seadoo SPX (787)

1999 Seadoo XPL (951)

2001 Seadoo GTX-DI (951Di)

2001 Seadoo GTXL (951)

2001 Seadoo RX (951)

2001 Seadoo RXX (951) (x3)

2002 Seadoo RX carb (x2)

2004 Seadoo GTX 4tec (155)


1987 & 88 js550s

1989 650 X-2

1990 550 SX

1989 & 90 650 SX (x3)

1990 650 Jetmate (x2)

1990 650 TS

1992 650 Sport Crusier (x2)

1992 750 SS

1993 750SX

1994 750 SSXI

1995 750ZXI

1995 750SX

1995 900 ZXI

1996 750 STS

1996 1100 ZXI

1997 1100 STX


1996 Raider 760

1997 Wave Venture 1100
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I was wondering if you have the right sponson for a 97 gsi, and if so how much for the part shipped to 48071


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I was unaware of a '02 carb RX, I thought the only carb 951 RX was '01.

in any case, those 2 look good enough to rebuild into working skis... I really want a carb 951 yellow RX...

Too bad your so far from PA...


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Yeah the tops may have been...I should have taken pictures of the bottom. They rocked on Granite for a few weeks after a storm knocked them off a lift. One only had half a ride plate! Hole from end to end...


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Grey is the 2002 and up with 5 port cylinders and the black is a 6 port cylinders 2000 and 2001.


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I put in a boat I'll be selling this spring, but I have a couple others that are in nice shape. I have a harness set up on the bench and always double check VTS modules.


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Holy Crap Batman! Its a 2001 RXX and 96 GSX part out!!

The RXX is a basket case and the GSX has a locked up motor. Only thing sold is the manual trim off the RXX...everything else is for sale!!

UMI steering! Fits GSX, RX and RXP.
Mag pump!
Twin pipes!
Skat nozzles!
RXX mapped MPEM!

Let me know what you are interested in and I'll get you pix and a price.

Great transaction with Minnetonka4me

Included stuff in the transaction i wasn't expecting. Thank you VERY much!

Super quick ship-out.

Will definitely do business again.