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  • This may be an odd question but I am curious if you still have your Speedster SK that you were parting out?
    I heard you may have a speed sensor??? Need part #278000970. If you have one or know where I can get one can you email me. Thanks Steve:
    Aside from all the used parts I have in stock I also carry:

    OEM: Solenoids, wear rings, fuel/water bowl Orings, pump cone Orings, water regulator diaphragms, XPL deflector latches, Start/stop button covers, fuel floats

    NEW PARTS: Genuine carb kits and N&S, VTS boots and clips, neoprene pump seals, Electrical pin removal tools, Weatherpak elect connectors and pins, waterproof bilge switches, Oil filters, Tygon Oil injection line, starter rebuild kits, carb and rave gaskets, complete gasket kits, DESS and non DESS sure theres more.

    I also own a programmer and have made harnesses to program ANY (boat OR PWC) MPEM without needing the machine. That means you can ship me your MPEM and have it tested, keys programmed, check info/hours, change the timing setting on 787s, and more.

    Lastly I repair baffles and can rebuild your carbs and/or your starters for you.

    I do all this with the same fast turnaround times and fast shipping.
    Hello, your brother? sent me to you to see if you have a used throttle cable for a 97 single engine Challenger. I live in Michigan 48307. i also need the air intake cover for a 787 engine.
    Thanks you!
    Hello, Lou sent me to you to see if you have a used throttle cable for a 97 single engine Challenger. I live in Michigan 48307.
    Thanks you!
    I take it you have used parts?
    I need for a 2000 GTI: Front bumper rail and back seat section stock color that year (Green)
    Ohio 44310 Need price shipped
    Thank you!
    Hi, seadoo lou pointed me in your direction. I am looking for a 96 gti touring seat. would you have one avail? If so, how much for you and how much for UPS?
    Thanks Jeff
    Looking for Reverse Gate Bracket. Part numbers are 204160176 (old) and 204170214 (new).
    The mounting bolts are 231182060. All on back order and will probably never get released. Thx David
    Good day,
    i found your post in some forum that you have for sale 204470155 + key for boat Challenger 1800. I want to ask about the price for this. And what is most used transport to Europe for such a products.

    Hello. Was told you may help. I need a MPEM no. 204470184. It's for a 98 sportster twin 717's. Help?
    Thanks, Don.
    I am looking for a Venturi 204 160 035 for my 98 Speedster. Do you have anything available?

    Please email me at


    I am looking for the driver arm rest and small wind deflector from your 1998 Seadoo Speedster SK. Do you still have these parts available?

    Thank you,

    Shawn Bauer
    willdog22 is looking for good use 787 bombardeir engine if so hit me up 843 615 7350
    Your inbox is full.

    In the short run all I want are two things.

    Aftermarket prop for 96' GTX, I believe the solas chart shows sd-cd 15/23, skat is okay too.
    and a rear seat section in Cozumel, which is from the 2000 millenium edition.
    hey man, your bro told me to shoot you a PM because i was asking him if he had a single gauge hood off an sp or spi? I was also looking for some 3 degree trim tabs if you had any of those forsale for a 96xp/99spx

    I was told that you can supply high quality aftermarket starters I was looking for one for a 1992 Seadoo XP what does the cost for a proper aftermarket starter/ how do you tell a good aftermarket one from a crappy one.
    looking for a replacement pump i have a 2003 gtx s.c. could you please call me i need a few parts a.s.a.p.

    Phil 1-614-274-5555.....Thank you
    Hey Jess
    Do you have a tracking number for the skat trak impeller your sending me? I just want to get a heads up on when it's going to be here
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