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  • This is definitely the WORST place (this profile post, not the site) to get in touch with me. My cell is 612-473-9311 and texting me is going to get the fastest response. Thanks!
    Hi do you have another contact email or number? I have several parts needed if you want I can send the part numbers here or give description etc. not sure what is the best way to do this to get prices and availability?

    OCOD told me you might be able to help. I have a 2001 Utopia 185 with the 200 hp Merc Optimax engine. I've lost my key and lanyard. I don't believe it was a DESS key, just plain metal key with lanyard attached. Called dealer and key doesn't seem to be available, although lanyard is @$35. How can I get another key?
    I was referred to you by CoastieJoe to possibly help me with my problem: (see thread http://www.seadooforum.com/showthread.php?78700-How-to-remove-sleeve-from-impeller-shaft-271000291)
    I have purchased an impeller shaft Seadoo part number 271000291. The shaft appears to have a 190mm long sleeve or bushing on the end of it, before the threads start, that needs to be removed in order to reduce the shaft diameter for the impeller to be installed over the shaft and onto the threads. The shaft I removed does not have the sleeve/bushing on it. The impeller is an aftermarket Solas Concord SD-CD-14/22. Does anyone know the process to remove this sleeve/bushing from the impeller shaft?
    Hey nick, I've got a 96 gtx, took it to the dealer and they there's a direct short in the computer. But they don't know which one. Trying not to waste a ton of money on it but any ideas?
    I need to buy a spare key and have it programmed for my 1996 GSX. Can I have it back in a week?
    Nick, I broke the fuel nipple on the t fitting on the fwd carb while changing the lines yesterday. It's a 1998 GTX Limited. I was wondering if you have the fuel block with the fitting that I can just swap out and how much would you want for it? Or, do you do exchanges for entire carb assemblies? I'm taking the carbs out today and it might make more sense to just exchange for a rebuilt set to reinstall. Thanks for any help you can give.
    i have a 97 seadoo xp. and need the carb rebuild kit. How much with shipping is it? Thank you for your time.
    hey there mate just picked up a 2001 xp with twin pipes the computer has died on it and apparently i was told you might have a rxx computer for sale?? hope you can help as i cant find anything anywhere. cheers. leigh
    Hi I was wanting to know if you have a set of carbs for a 1997 sea doo xp with the 787
    Nick, was just wondering if you were able to send out the storage bin for the GSX on Monday, thank you. Rob.
    I am looking for a driveshaft for a 97 seadoo GTX. Mine is bent and my machine shop won't attempt to straighten it. thanks
    Your PM inbox is full and I couldnt reply. What kind of turn around time would I be looking at for the carb rebuild?
    I need a stator, flywheel, stator wiring, and the plate that goes behind the stator. 2004 sea doo gti le 717
    Hello and gday! Do you have a fix for a bad MPEM for a 2001 Seadoo Challenger 14.5' Jet Boat with twin 717's?
    Looking for a stator for a 02 gtx di part #420 888 652. guys on the forum say to talk to u. let me know what u have
    Hey there, I'm looking for a rectifier for a 1996 Seadoo xp 787
    Someone told me you might be able to find one for me
    I guess your the man to go to for parts... We are looking for a oil tank for a 98 challenger (USA). Please pm, thank you
    I was referred to you by AdamA96XP. I am looking for the front Carb for a 1996 SPX with a 717 Engine. The one I have has a bent Throttle/Butterfly Valve.
    I would even be willing to trade you my old one to fix and resale. Or I can just buy yours.
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