1. McQueenGTX

    2009 GTI 130 is trying to kill me - 4800rpm!

    Hi Folks, I'm new to this forum. Thanks for your patience. I'll try to be concise, yet thorough with my symptoms. My 2009 GTI 130 has been running high RPM since I broke it out of winter storage 2 days ago. It was fine when I put it away for the winter. When I first began this season, it...
  2. Z

    Idle bypass valve stuck 2004 gtx supercharger

    Hello there, I have been getting a p-0505 error code on my 2004 gtx supercharged. From what I could find, removing the idle bypass valve and cleaning it is the best way to fix it. When I went to remove it, I unscrewed the bolts and pulled it and the bottom part was stuck in there. I tried...
  3. M

    96 GTX 787 Shutting off on idle

    I have a 1996 GTX 787, with multiple problems, but This is for an idle issue when starting up sometimes it takes few tries to start the seadoo so I was told it's the starter assembly need to be changed, which I'm looking for one now, but the problem is when it starts it runs great on high...
  4. DooGuy

    Low speed vibration/soft noise, on starboard engine. Max rpms on both barely 7000...

    Solved lowspeed vibration noise, on starboard engine. Max rpms on both barely 7000... Hello, need some help. Two issues... 230se with twin 215sc. Noticed today at lake when idiling around the outside of lake that the starboard engine was running a little rougher than right. Rpms were about 1500...
  5. T

    2001 gtx rfi 787 replaced stator not running right low end.

    The stator plug melted and i had to get the stator replaced. The ski ran fine before this happened. When i got it back and water tested idle was rough and it sounded like something was hitting. After idle it ran great. This is driving me nuts. What could be the problem.
  6. 2

    717 GTI 97 stalls out at idle. Carb?

    My 97 GTI started stalling out when at idle. Is this a carb issue? Not sure when the carbs have last been touched as I am a new owner of the ski. Thanks!
  7. B

    2003 gti le rfi won't idle

    I'm new to fuel injection a 2 stroke usually if I have a jet slot that won't idle I clean the carb , but I'm kinda stuck on this one has a lot of electrical components and everything. Anyways have a new toy been sitting for a year or so at first would bog down and wouldn't go past 2500 or so rpm...
  8. R

    93 Seadoo XP - Off Idle Bog

    My issue is an off idle bog that I can’t seem to cure. I’ve tried everything I can think off but still can’t seem to get the bog tuned out. I picked up this 93 Seadoo XP end of April this year for cheap. It has the 657 Rotax engine with dual Mikuni BN-38 (SB) carbs. The ski is all stock with no...
  9. P

    1998 Sea Doo Challenger 1800 - Throttle Cable adjustment

    Hi Everyone....I have been trying to adjust my throttle cables so I can get the boat to idle properly. It is currently idling too high(around 3000RPM in water)....I follow the instructions perfectly and it idles too high....when I try to back out the idle screw, the linkage will sometimes not...
  10. C

    idle and top end speed rpm

    hi guys, ok so i thought i had a compression problem but then i found out my tester was lieing, im at 149 on each cylider. so my problem is it ildes, but then slowly looses rpm till you give it a little gas to jump it back u. and at half throttle its alll good but from half to WOT there is...
  11. kilgorekb

    Hard to crank; dies while at idle

    Just got a 1999 Challenger 1800 last week. Took it out for the 1st time today. Port engine takes about 10-15 tries to crank even if already warmed up, and it died twice while moving at idle through the no-wake zone. Anyone know what's up? I'm not sure what "normal" is since this is my...
  12. C

    Thick exhaust and idle speed troubleshooting! is the third test run I've taken my 96 Sea Doo gtx out on and I've encountered some problems. Let me start from the beginning. I bought this thing about 2 weeks ago. changed the oil, oil filter, rebuilt carburetors, new battery, added star tron fuel treatment, new...
  13. T

    95 Speedster Idles low

    I am quite new to any of this but I purchased a 95 speedster with a blown engine and did a complete rebuild by myself. Now today I finally got the engine back in the boat and running, though it doesn't seem to idle to smooth. The old engine which works fine idles around 2500 where as my...
  14. K

    2005 GTX Idle/Running issue

    Hi, I am a newbie to these forums and to the whole do-it-yourself for seadoos so I apologize in advance if this question seems obvious but I am hoping someone can help guide me towards a solution. My 2005 GTX was running fine last year but this season not so. I have faithfully winterized...
  15. M

    SeaDoo Utopia 185 - starting and idle issues

    I have a 2001 SeaDoo Utopia 185 powered by a Merc 210. I've had it for just over a year now. The boat runs great for the most part. When it's been sitting for about a week, it struggles to start. Turns over but doesn't catch until to you try it about 8 times. Could this be a battery...
  16. sethsmind

    1996 GTX - Idle jumps 1K to 2K in water .... let go of throttle and dies?

    UPDATE: Ski has been rebuilt by a Pro. Everything is in 100% Like new working condition. It is a NEW Ski!!!! All said and done $4000 into it. 11/2012
  17. J

    2006 RXT idle

    Have a 2006 RXT that we bought new. Upon starting, it wouldn't idle but if you gave it gas it would run fine and go right up to top speed (70). My son searched on-line and found directions for tightening cable for idle. He worked on it last night but we don't know what rpm the idle should be...
  18. R

    2001 GTX RFI Idle is low

    My Sea-Doo seems to be idling too low, and will eventually die if I don't use a little throttle. The RPMs are around 1400 after running it wide open, and then I can watch it steadily drop down to around 1000-1100 before it cuts off. I have read that there are some screws that can be adjusted...
  19. M

    Please help!!! Seadoo rxdi idle problem

    I just purchased a new ski, 2001 RXDI, and the original owner had replaced the pistons and cylinders. I had purchased the ski, and the ski now has an idle problem right after the start up. The original owner suggested that the cylinder base gasket could be the issue. Is this the possible issue...
  20. L

    240EFI stall/bog off idle after sitting

    Hi Guys- I am looking for some help with a stalling/bog problem I cant seem to solve on our 2000 Speedstee with the 240EFI. Basically it goes like this. We launch the boat and get underway just fine with no issues. We drive the boat to a anchor spot and shut it down for a while. After...