2005 GTX Idle/Running issue

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I am a newbie to these forums and to the whole do-it-yourself for seadoos so I apologize in advance if this question seems obvious but I am hoping someone can help guide me towards a solution.

My 2005 GTX was running fine last year but this season not so. I have faithfully winterized it and put fuel stabilier etc but this year it has been fluctuating from issue to issue.

First while running full throttle, it would constantly but briefly lose power then run fine again. I searched the forums and the overall consenus (that I could see) was that it could point to bad gas or water in the gas. This seemed to make sense as I did not use it much last year and rarely turned over a full tank and did not fill it up before storing. So I put gas line antifreeze (marine grade) in the tank and turned the tank over 3 times now.

However, now instead of cutting in and out at full throttle, I am experiencing very rough idling almost to the point of it stalling. Also after reducing speed to idle, it gets bogged down before the engine engages and runs perfectly.

I have searched around and am just looking for some ideas of what the issue may be. Since it seems to be fuel related, I see others saying it could be the spark plugs, fuel filter or perhaps even clogged injectors. Since I am no expert should I start with replacing the spark plugs or am I going in the wrong direction? Is 3 tanks enough to get crap out of the fuel system?

FYI. I am at 131 hours. I took it in for the 100 hours and was told they replaced the spark plugs. The MAINT indicator was on but they did not reset it. I checked and there are no codes.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

For any of those looking I found this helpful guide for changing the spark plugs.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I am currently having a problem with a ski the same as your cut out at high revs, I have been through all the engine checks to find no faults, I am going to check the exhaust water box to see if there is any restrictions, this could cause poor engine performance.
If you have you ski fixed it would be good to hear from you what the problem was?

After reading the forums, I decided to tackle changing the spark plugs as everyone seemed to suggest this was the first place to start. It wasnt as difficult as I envisioned it was going to be. As it turns out the spark plugs were fouled. Apparently they were not changed as I was told so I probably had the same plugs for 7+ years. No wonder it ran like it did. I put in new ones and it has been working like brand new ever since.

So I would start there if you havent already but you seem pretty knowledgable so I imagine that you have already. But if you havent, that is what solved mine and hopefully your issue is as simple as mine.


Oh and I dont know who many of the experts on this site will read this but even though no one directly answered my question, by reading the forums and finding the maintenance manual, you gave me enough knowledge to do the job myself. So thanks to everyone who contributes their expertise.
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