1. A

    2018 Seadoo GTX 155 (75Hrs) Only Goes 40 Mph

    2018 GTX 155 (75Hrs) - New Battery - New Wear Ring - New Spark Plugs (NGK 4339 - DCPR8E) - New BRP Oil & Filter (ran 30 sec, off 30 sec, little over halfway on the dip stick) - New Key Programed - I had the only key(Green Learner) programed to be the normal key (says "normal key" at startup now)...
  2. A

    2022 GTX 300 Limited Depth not showing

    Hello guys, Just bought a brand new Sea Doo GTX 300 Limited from the dealer, but while riding I couldn’t find the water depth on the screen. Any idea on why the depth finder isn’t working? Thanks
  3. T

    Impeller replacement

    I have a 2022 Seadoo GTX 170. Unfortunately one day a few weeks ago, there was very low tide conditions and some rocks/shells got sucked into the ski. Now at the end of the season I need to replace the impeller. I have a few questions regarding the replacement. 1) What type Loctite should be...
  4. G

    01 GTX RFI

    I have a 2001 Seadoo GTX RFI I bought it not running with a locked up starter. I replaced the starter and it cranked for a little while and would even start and run for a few seconds before dying. Now it doesn’t even crank all I get from it is a hum from the solenoid. I’ve tried swapping...
  5. RG123

    FOR SALE 50.00 +ship: BlackTip precut self adhesive traction mats, 96-02 GTX/97-00 GTI.

    Selling these NIB precut self adhesive black tip traction mats from Black Tip. Fits 96-02 GTX/97-00 GTI. Paid 130.00, but my family wanted something softer and less grippy. Will ship to continental US only. Thanks for looking!
  6. M

    1997 GTX 787 only hitting 5k rpm

    Hi guys, lookin for some pointers (already read every post on the internet including here and followed the advice but no fix yet) Got a 97 gtx that stopped running right and was left in bits for a few years. Rebuilt it recently but cant get it beyond 5k on the water. Can rev the danglies off it...
  7. Orbitalatx

    Low compression pto 96 GTX

    Ski was hard starting in the water pulled it out and starts good on trailer for two seconds. Went back home tested compression and got mag side 150 and pto 125. Pulled engine and found some scoring on these. The gaskets seems flat and old. Are they shot? Should I go ahead and rebuild the lower...
  8. A

    2006 Seadoo GTX Limited Will Not Rev Out

    When out of water it revs out just fine. When put in water it won’t go over 45-50 mph and 6300rpm. It’s got about 150 hrs on it. The problem occurred when I hit and wave and came down.
  9. jjrey

    1995 GTX won’t run right after 30 mins

    Hey guys, new to this jet ski life! I bought a 1995 GTX, had no issues other than gauges not working, brought it home and rode it no issues for about 1-2 hours. Next weekend I take it out and boom! Dies repeatedly and has a rough time starting. When throttle was slightly engaged or fully engaged...
  10. C

    98 GTX Limited lugging

    I have a 98 gtx limited. It was having some issues, so I went through and rebuilt the motor completely. New wear ring, new solas 15/20, new fuel lines, and carb kits. I have to bump the throttle to get it up to RPM once there, it seems like the jet pump isn’t unloading unless it pops out of the...
  11. D

    1999 Seadoo GTX Limited No Spark

    Hello All - I'm not getting a spark on my 1999 Seadoo GTX limited. Here is the summary: - Battery is new and strong - I get two perfect beeps when I put the key on - Engine turns over and starter goes just fine - New sparks What I Have Done: - Tested grounding and continuity on everything I...
  12. SeadoozyBreeze

    Relocate Pisser

    Hello All, Bit of newbie here with a new old seadoo, 1997 GTX. I'm trying to set it up for some fishing with a crate on the back and I inevitably realized my pisser is going to spray directly against my cooler. Considered the inline valve, then read I may want to relocate so it will continue...
  13. Z

    GTX 2004 sc P1607 code

    I am reading a P1607 code on my 2004 gtx sc. when I looked in the manual, it said no service action. Has anyone fixed a P1607 issue? I have started checking the fuses in the MPEM for corrosion, but no luck yet. should also mention that when I try to start the ski up, there is a spark on the...
  14. S

    Does a GTX seat work ok to sit backwards as an observer for tow sports?

    Hello! Brand new to the forum and not a Sea Doo owner yet, but plan to pull the trigger soon. I currently have a 22 1/2 foot ski boat, but kids are growing up and moving out so we are selling the boat and downsizing to a Sea Doo. A friend towed us with his Yamaha Jet Ski so we know what it is...
  15. A

    2004 Sea Doo GTX Wakeboard Edition issues

    Recently bought a 2004 GTX Wakeboard edition. Knew it had some issues but was willing to fix it myself. Did the usual oil change, coolant flush, fuel flush, and new spark plugs. I have replaced the “spark plug tubes” because the bottom rings on those were allowing oil on the plug. That seemed...
  16. E

    98 GTX RFI rectifier/stator troubleshooting sanity check

    Hi. Summary: 12v low on display...won't start in water...started on trailer then backed into water...kind of ran, but not to standard max rpms. Compression is fine at ~145. Okay, so, checked fuses in rear electrical box. One 20amp was okay, the other 20amp was blown, the third fuse was fine...
  17. S

    How to install oil seal in 787 magneto housing without $150 in specialty tools?

    Hello all, I have a 1996 GTX. It has moisture damage inside ignition housing and i am replacing just about all contained parts. My question: Is it possible/very difficult to remove old and install new oil seal in the magneto housing without the pusher and handle specified in the shop...
  18. C

    RESTO Dual Resto: 1992 SPi and 2001 GTX DI Restoration

    Hello, everyone! So, after many days of searching the forum, reading on restorations, and wondering how to go about my two “problems”, I joined the forum. The reason for joining and searching is that I recently acquired two semi-neglected Sea Doos for free. One is a 1992 SPi 580 white engine...
  19. L

    2002 GTX 4 TEC won't reach max speed and RPMs

    Hello, I recently bought a 2002 Sea Doo GTX 4 Tec and the instrument cluster is dead and I'm sending it in for repair. The issue, however, is that the ski won't reach max speed, it will only go 40mph and it should go 55-60mph. The tach isn't in and working but it sounds like speed is matching...
  20. Camarojoe12

    Jet pump questions

    Hi all, I am new to seadoo’s but have always liked the old school skis so I finally grabbed one. It is a 1990 3 seater gt with reverse, it needs a motor which I picked up to swap out of a good running “parts” ski. I figured while I was replacing the engine I would replace all of the fuel and oil...