1. 230wake

    215hp 4tec rpm surge

    I've got a 2008 430hp challenger wake edition. Had some trouble getting it fired up last summer after winter storage, but once started it idled fine. Put it in the lake and whe. Slowing accelerating the starboard engine rpms surge across the entire band, anything above surge is more significant...
  2. C

    2008 Seadoo RXT215 running very rough questions

    I have a 2008 Seadoo RXT215 that is running very rough and sounds like its ready to grenade. I've uploaded a video of the motor running so you can hear the sound of it. The weird thing is that isn't any alarms going off or codes. It is way under powered and not going to be started anymore until...
  3. T

    95 Speedster Idles low

    I am quite new to any of this but I purchased a 95 speedster with a blown engine and did a complete rebuild by myself. Now today I finally got the engine back in the boat and running, though it doesn't seem to idle to smooth. The old engine which works fine idles around 2500 where as my...
  4. K

    2005 GTX Idle/Running issue

    Hi, I am a newbie to these forums and to the whole do-it-yourself for seadoos so I apologize in advance if this question seems obvious but I am hoping someone can help guide me towards a solution. My 2005 GTX was running fine last year but this season not so. I have faithfully winterized...
  5. R

    2002 RX Wrong Oil!!!

    Alright so here is the thing, this seadoo has been giving me trouble for the past 2 weeks. It runs rough and wont go above 5000 rpm on the water. Idles at 1200 rpm. Smokes like a chimney. It is the carb model. The front spark plug is wet the back it dry. It got filled up by "somebody" with...
  6. B

    2000 GTX ME (carbs) 5000 RPM Max

    I have a 2000 GTX Millennium Edition (Model #5545) with Rotax 947 (carburetors). In June, my son left the drain plugs out and flooded the compartment which stalled the engine. We immediately put it on the lift, drained the compartment, pulled the plugs and turned it over a couple times. Did...