help please

  1. Brenman22

    NEED HELP 1996 GSX Wiring Issue

    ***SeadooRunningVideo*** NEED HELP With My 1996 GSX! I think its a wiring issue but not 100% sure. New to all this. There's a video of it running and you can see the RPM's jumping around running rough and i'm not touching the throttle and it just dies on its own. So what happened is i was...
  2. M

    HELP! No gauges or buzzer... but it RX 951 starts.

    Hi all, First post but regular guest viewer! I have a seadoo millennium RX 951 it starts fine but i have no buzzer, or dials nothing electric! i have checked fuses in front cluster and back 15A.. all okay. is my MPEM fried? I read somehwere it can be bypassed to power the dials if the MPEM is...
  3. V

    1997 Challenger 1800 making Loaud noise from Fuse Box-Selliod or Distributor?

    I have a 1997 Challenger 1800 that I've had for 8 years. Just got it out of climate controlled storage, dropped in recharged battery, put on DSS, got the beep that all was good to fire-up and then Loud Clicking/knocking sounds coming from Main fuse-box in engine compartment. Removed the cover...
  4. nathanielg24

    97 challenger 1800 noises

    1997 challenger 1800 I just bought is making some weird rattling noise, its not the normal rattle, one engine runs fine while the other is more high pitch and will not push the boat. everything seems to be spinning inside not really sure what the problem is. like I said im new to these boats and...
  5. TechiMan

    Help with Replacement jet pump

    Hey guys, I need a little advice/hints for replacing my Jet-pump in my 07 wake, I have ordered received the new pump from SBT and its the new Al housing and I have found that the shaft is different, my ordinal one was. The ordinal one had a 12mm alan head to remove the impeller and this new one...
  6. L

    2009 rxt 215 won't start!

    Dewinterized pac and all I get is a single click when I hit the power button. Replaced both the battery since it was two years old and solenoid. Still just one click. Every so often I will get a click and some engine turnover, but will still not start. Only has 20 hours so I am baffled as to...
  7. davistek

    Issues with the 2000 GTX RFi - ready to light it on fire and claim the insurance!

    So, the last problem that I had was taken care of, the ski ran great for about a week. Started sputtering after about 4 tanks of gas - then the spark plugs needed to be changed. Ran good again - for about a tank of gas. Now, it is back from the lake and the issue it has is quite confusing. First...
  8. P

    2000 GTX Runs EXCELLENT on trailer, bogs down with throttle in water and dies

    Need some help with 2 SeaDoo GTX. I have had all fuel lines, fuel filters, oil tanks replaced, carbs rebuilt. They are running GREAT on the trailer, they idle and throttle up well. Once in the water, if you give them throttle, they die out. Does anyone have any ideas?
  9. S

    Someone has had to have this problem ... help Please!

    Challenger Bombardier 2000 - everything runs great on this boat. Lately I have had some problems with it surging. At times it runs normal then it bogs down a little. Not enough to shut it down, it just slows it down. Before I pull it out of the water I want to know if it is something I can fix...