trying to diag a bad ecu or wiring issue


I have an 07 wake pro 215. over the last 3 years I have replaced nearly everything. the ski runs great but for only about 10-20 minutes before it goes into limp mode and a long constant beep. once I shut off and restart its fine for a minute or two to get back to the dock. I recently bought the candor pro system to marry my gauges to the ecu so I can see the code it is throwing but my candoo system isn't recognizing the ski. has anyone had a similar issue? any ideas on where to start looking for the issue?
Contact the guys at Can Doo. They have always provided me with excellent support. Your first step it to get that Can Doo working do you can see what DTCs are stored in memory.
they want me to test the can circuits but unsure how to do that. still trying to figure these machines out lol
do you know how to do that?
just tested resistance from port to ecu connection point and everything tested the same as the leads connected together so i would assume an ecu issue?

One other thing i noticed on my candoo diag port there isnt a a 5th prong. only 4 and my seadoo has 5 on its port.
the candoo port is missing the purple prong.