1. J

    Cracked water jacket

    Good Morning, I have a 1997 Sportster with the 717 engine. I bought the boat about a year ago, and knew it had a cracked water jacket due to not being winterized. I JB welded it as a short term fix and it seems like it is holding just fine. However, I want to fix it for the upcoming season. I...
  2. Toojay7

    99 XPL overheating

    Had not seen water in 10 years. Never in salt supposedly. I changed the grey fuel lines and brought it out on the water. Idled it for about 5 minutes and then the overheat warning buzzer went on. Immediately stopped it, brought it back home and inspected the coolant lines. The only issue I found...
  3. N

    2001 seadoo GTI cooling system lines

    We just fixed an oil leak that we found and stupid me took minimal picture of how the cooling lines went on, if anyone could help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve tried looking for diagrams for the cooling system but can’t seem to find any that resemble my pwc all the ones I looked at only has...
  4. youssef

    Mercury M2 pee hole and overheat

    I have a Challenger 2000 with a Mercury M2 240 HP, since there is no way to see if water is coming out from the pee hole in a jet boat and to avoid having it blocked and engine overheat, just add this product which is less than 5 US$ and an indicator lamp to know if water is coming out of the...
  5. M

    98 XP Limited Bogging

    So I took the ski out the other day, everything was running fine for about 40 mins. on the lake. It then started bogging at half throttle and wouldn't go over 20mph. RPMs also skyrocket to 6-7k. It was pretty choppy out there and took a beating. Initially, I thought it was something with my fuel...
  6. CreekerMike

    951 Smoke from pisser

    Greeting and salutations everyone. Ive ran into some more trouble with my Gtx Ltd' the ski has performed immaculate for about 30 hard hours but now im running into some trouble. The other day I went to a raft up on a sand bar. I cut the ski off when i got into shallow water and dragged it up on...
  7. M

    Trailer testing

    So i just put my 98 gs all back together and id like to try and run it on the trailer before i take it to a take for a real test. I attached a garden hose to the threaded tube near the jet pump turned on the ski then turned on the water and after a few seconds the engine cut off and water...
  8. ww111

    Islandia 430 Flush problem

    Hi all, I hate for the first post to be a "Request for help" but here I am... 2009 Islandia 430 and the LH engine is fine without issue. The RH engine starts, runs and sounds great but when I hook up and start the water to flush the exhaust (I'm on the intercoastal here in Northern FL) I get...
  9. C

    Inline Water Filter

    I'm fairly new to the world of Jet Skis and I can't seem to find much information on this subject. The first time I took my Seadoo 3D out I managed to suck up a load of sand which ultimately resulted in the exhaust cooling getting blocked and a few exhaust parts melting as you'd expect. Is...
  10. greyrider

    LRV 951 - new engine - no water out either pee hole

    Been a while since I have posted- but here is the deal. 2000 LRV 951 carb - Silver engine Installed rebuilt motor (complete) over the past few weeks. I took extra care, followed every step, took breaks and re-read everything while I did this. Motor was done by PWCEngines (could be...
  11. Q

    Does impeller upgrade affect cooling?

    My 92 stock impeller was a 13/18 and the new one is a 14/19 solas. Will this affect the cooling of the engine? It has more take-off speed I cant tell about top end. I was just concerned about cooling.
  12. C

    94 GTX overheating

    I was riding our 94 GTX on vacation when it started having trouble keeping high revs going. I tried for a minute but couldn't get it to run right so i brought it back to shore and pulled the seat to find the hull was about half full of water. two of the four studs that hold the main exhaust pipe...
  13. 0

    01 sea-doo rx exaust pipe overheating.

    k this spring i sucked up a rope in the inpeller and when i got home i saw that the cooling pipe that goes from the the thing with the red cap on the muffler to the engine side of the black exaust pipe right before the 2 big parts join with the metel clamp. without being cooled, the rubber...
  14. J

    RXT-X 255 2008 - How much water is consumed by the exhaust gas system ?

    In the Tech Manuals I see reference to 4 x 0.138" holes that feed open circuit cooling water into the exhaust gas (This is the lake water fed by the jet pump to cool the intercooler, inlet manifold, exhaust muffler and exhaust gas, not the closed circuit coolant that is pumped through the drive...
  15. speedsterj

    Exhaust melted!

    I purchased a 1998 speedster with the twin 2 stroke 110hp. The exhaust boots leading out of the hull are cracked and leaking ,but upon inspection found that the plastic tuned exhaust <- that's what I was told it was called, the inlet and outlet have melted.I was just going to replace the part...
  16. rksnow1

    98 GTS Vaccuum or oil line?

    Hi, I have a 98 GTS. Im new to these PWC so forgive me in advance if I dont know the part names.. Ill try and describe. PWC Running great and no problems that I know of except gas guage doesnt work. I was out the other day and noticed im not getting the normal little water stream out of...
  17. J

    GTX DI Really overheated

    I let my sister take the GTX out and they road it till it overheated. They kept getting the beep and overheat in the LED but would let it cool down and keep riding. It finally went into limp mode and they stopped riding. The boat was full of water. As it turns out the hoses connected to the...