1. mejim707


    96 Challenger with Rotax 787: I'm looking for suggestions and recommendations on what you GURUs have done with your own boats or skis to really dial them in. My current adjustments: FUEL: 87 Octane from the Gas Station (Not marine fuel) OIL: XPS 2 Stroke Synthetic Oil Gallon 779127 -...
  2. M

    1997 GTX 787 only hitting 5k rpm

    Hi guys, lookin for some pointers (already read every post on the internet including here and followed the advice but no fix yet) Got a 97 gtx that stopped running right and was left in bits for a few years. Rebuilt it recently but cant get it beyond 5k on the water. Can rev the danglies off it...
  3. Jrf0007

    1997 Challenger 1800 running away

    I am having a problem with one of the twin 787 engines. I have been testing it on the trailer. When I start the port engine it will idle at about 3000 rpm in neutral but bogs if I try to give it more while in neutral. When I put it in forward and give it a little gas it will over rev to over...
  4. V

    98 GSX LTD no gas to carbs

    After getting my machine out of storage, i have no gas getting to carburators. When i turned on the gas at the selector valve it was very difficult to turn. I had to put all my strength in it. I am wondering if something can not work in there. When I winterized it, I put stabil in the gas and...
  5. benlarsen

    Spraying WD 40 in Carbs

    My 97xp 787 had a lose hose and took on a ton of water. I believe the carbs have condensation or got wet causing it to bog. Where exactly should I spray the WD40 and do I need to be running the ski on a hose? After this, will I need to change my spark plugs?
  6. fastboyslim50

    1995 Seadoo GTX 1997 Seadoo GTS carburator rebuilds beleive what they say...!!!

    1995 Seadoo GTX 1997 Seadoo GTS carburator rebuilds Dont beleive wht they say...!!! If you buy a ski don't take anything to heart from previous owner he told me he had just rebuilt carbs year before so I spent last two years owning this ski replacing all lines and fixing problems while...
  7. J

    carb part no. for 1999 GTI sea doo?

    Thinking about buying a new carburetor for my 99 GTI seadoo but the p/n's are confusing. P/n BN-40I-38 is specified for my ski but there are two more numbers on the end that I need to know in order to select the correct carb. I've looked at one store on line selling p/n BN-40I-38 24 and says it...
  8. Shane0524

    Could these spark plugs cause hard starting?

    I just finished rebuilding the carbs and replacing the fuel lines on my 1996 GTX with a stock 787 setup. The machine has 50 hours. When I took it out for its first test ride after the work it ran great. 7000 rpm no problem and 50+ mph. Here is the one issue though, it tended to be a bit...
  9. euro_wake

    RPMs hanging

    My RPMs are hanging around 3500-4500 around the dock. When you take it out it runs good but at low speed like around docks and putting the boat on the trailer the RPMs Hang and wont die back to idle speed. I adjusted the throttle the day before it had went limp by tightening the screw. But i...
  10. Adameggleton

    96 Seadoo XP 787 Starts great and idles fine but bogs down and won't go fast

    Hey guys new to the forum so here it goes I recently bought a used 96 xp 787 that had recently had a rebuild and after using it for a few hours it has decided to no longer run correctly Now this isn't my first attempt at finding the issue out I've been doing a lot of research. And have come...
  11. F

    1997 Seadoo Sportster HALF Acceleration and NO Plane on boat.

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and am looking for tips/help on my 1997 Sportster. It goes to about halfway on throttle, then dies back Cannot get the boat to plane out or reach the rpm needed! Below are the things that have been done to it recently per suggestions by local seadoo man...
  12. C

    Lean or rich???

    Hey y'all I just did a top end rebuilt on twin 720's in a sportster 1800. Comp is at 145. I went through the carbs while I was in there. Now I'm in the break in process and I'm having some carb issues. First I'm having to choke the motors when warm to get them running. Which makes me think I'm...
  13. M

    Compression numbers and carb help

    I just picked up a 99 gtx with the 951 in it and 166 hours. It had been sitting a couple years with no stabilizer. I was able to fire it up with old gas and a little starting fluid to help. It ran and idled no problem. I am going to run some fresh gas and seafoam in it. Any other suggestions...
  14. B

    Removing Carbs and cleaning

    I have a 94 SPX and I am trying to figure out how to remove the carbs? anyone? thanks in advance! Brian 94 spx
  15. sethsmind

    1996 GTX - Idle jumps 1K to 2K in water .... let go of throttle and dies?

    UPDATE: Ski has been rebuilt by a Pro. Everything is in 100% Like new working condition. It is a NEW Ski!!!! All said and done $4000 into it. 11/2012
  16. Brholwer

    how to get to the carbs on 1996 seadoo xp

    just wondering how to and then to clean the internal filters
  17. A

    1996 Sporster runs great on trailer...dies in the water

    Okay, I have done a lot of work on this boat today so I will be as concise as possible. Here is what I have done: rebuilt carbs, replaced all fuel lines, added an inline filter, rebuilt pump (new wear ring, impeller, bearings, thrust bearing/washer, seals), rebuilt drive shaft (carbon ring...
  18. Brholwer

    how to get to the fuel filters in the carbs on a 1996 seadoo xp

    just wondering how to get to the carbs and then to the filters, i want to because seadoo is surging and stuff
  19. Musicmanjer

    '91 GT Hard Starting

    Hey All, I am having difficulty getting fuel to the carbs on this ski. After a carb rebuild (dual), last year I could get the ski to run fine, after a few cranks. On non starting days I shot a bit of carb cleaner into the carb and got the engine to fire and pump fuel. If it sat for longer...
  20. C

    96 xp carb issues Please help.

    I just picked up two 96 xp one ran and one had what the seller said was a blown motor but its was just a blown jet pump. The one that ran had rebuild carbs but always had a flat spot when i hit the gas if pulled the choke it rev fine. So the second ski had brand new crabs swapped them and it...