1. SammyAlexander

    2020 Seadoo gtr 230 Rear Seat Clip

    The rear seat on the 2020 gtr is these two clips that you push in to take it off. Both clips on each side are broke, and the only way to take the seat off is to take two flat head screw drivers and flip up the clip inside. Can you easily replace the the mechanism on the inside that makes the...
  2. CreekerMike

    Broken E Box Mounts

    Greetings all, Hope everyone is fairing well through the covid and the cold weather! Now to my question. Is there any known fix or good solution for repairing the small tabs on the back of the e box that lock it into the mounting tray? Overtime they seem to become brittle and in hard riding I've...
  3. S


    Looking to see if anyone can help me out with a problem, lets a friend ride my seadoo and he was spinnin around on it lots. He came back and it wouldn’t go over 25mph usually goes 70mph. Seadoo will start then shut off 10 seconds after. Seems like the machine is bogging and running shitty. Not...
  4. milenas70

    HELP! Drain plugs open when in water

    Anyone can give me some emergency help? New with jetski and drove drain plugs open in salt water.. yes dumb. Got the jet ski on trailer. Batteries and e box seem to be damaged. Where to start to repair? Any advice is much appreciated Thanks
  5. Shane0524

    JB Weld Engine mounts????

    So the other day I was riding with my friend, he was on a 95 XP 717. All of a sudden it started vibrating like crazy over 5000 rpm. After looking it all over, all of the engine mounts are broken and the engine is literally sitting in the hull attached by the drive shaft. So as the only option...
  6. P

    Handlebar buttons not working on GTX IS 255 Ltd?

    Hey everyone, Love this place as a first time owner (as of 2 weeks ago!). My '09 GTX IS 255 Ltd is pretty new, just got it up to 43 hrs. I noticed the handle bar buttons dedicated to the VTS don't work, so I have to adjust trim from the menu button. They appear to be sticking and...
  7. S

    Black Powder and Metal Shavings in New Sea-Doo?!?!

    To day I ran a few more hours on my new Sea-Doo GTI SE 130. It now has 7 hours on it, I was not being rough with it, i am breaking it in very slowly and smoothly. But at the end of the day I removed the seat to find a black metal powder residue below the drive shaft , as well as a few small...
  8. G

    Broken Pump Housing Stud- Solution????

    What is the best solution for repairing a broken stud that holds the pump housing to the transum. When I was removing the housing, the stud simply brake in half as I thought that I was loosening the nut. I've never had this happen.
  9. B

    1996 Seadoo XP won't crank/start

    I was riding my xp for a few hours riding good and strong. it all of sudden just shut off without any warning. filled it up with gas and 2 cycle oil. Only makes a beep and click. any advice please?
  10. S

    09 Speedster Seat Problem

    Two of my seats have broken off. How do I remove the plastic darts from the base? I tired pulling then out and that didn't work. I do not have the owners manual. Thank you all in advance !
  11. J

    1995 gtx Gauges

    Recently i fixed up my grandfather's 1995 gtx after sitting for over eight years, we rebuilt the carbs and fixed all the broken cables and she runs great. The only problem is none of the gauges work. It has one digital all-in-one gauge, and one speedometer. I have checked and replaced the two...
  12. G

    RAVE vavle broken

    i have a 1997 gtx and the rave valve was shooting oil all over the place so i took it apart and every inch of it was covered in oil so i get down to the last of it and the thing attach to screw or what ever its called was broken of in side the engine. I'm just wondering if this is anything...
  13. R

    Need Shifter lever for 1996 Seadoo Speedster

    I need the shifter handle for a 1996 speedster. If anyone has the handle or the complete shifter and throttle assy please let me know.