1. winn

    1997 Seadoo Sportster Rough Idle/sputtering and dies when i open throttle.

    I recently purchased a 1997 Seadoo Sporster and it is cosmetically in rough condition. But started fine. I got it in the water and it started normally and idled great, but I found out the wear ring needed to be replaced when RPM’s were normal but had low acceleration and speed. Got that done and...
  2. Nike12000

    04 Sportster Boarding step?

    Hey all I have an 04 sportster 4 tec and I am looking for the boarding ladder. These things seem to be impossible to find anymore. I have a fabricator locally willing to make me one but ask if I could try and get some of the specs off of the old one. If anyone still has one of these on your boat...
  3. Coopnjaxdad

    Considering 2006 or 2007 Islandia.

    Good day all! Hope all is well with everyone here on the forum. I have been away from Seadoo for a few years but not boats in general. Sold my 18' this last year and am looking to get back in with something larger and more featured. I have always liked the Islandia and am scheduled to look at a...
  4. Gudlyf

    2004 Sportster ignition problem

    About a month ago I replaced the battery, plugs, starter solenoid, oil, oil filter. Worked fantastic for weeks. Today, after a week of non-use, I tried to start her up, and I get nothing. Key beeps, fuel pump I can hear engage, but pressing the starter, the solenoid doesn’t give that failure...
  5. B

    FOR SALE 2017 Sea-doo RXT 260

    2017 Sea-doo RXT 260 With trailer and cover. 168 hours. New IBR. $11.995.

    Seadoo challenger 180 decal sticker

    This may be a stupid question but it's driving my ocd nuts.. Why is the seadoo challenger 180 decal in different spots on right and left... Mine is with the custom decals. Thing is, mine were removed by the original owner but left a mark so I wanted to put them back on. While installing them I...
  7. B

    2012 Sea-Doo Boat Service Manuals

    Wondering where I can find service manuals for my 2012 SeaDoo 210 Wake 430? Can anyone check and see if SeaDoo Forums offers 2012 Sea-Doo Boat Service Manuals? The list I found (see attached image) doesn't show 2012 Boats, just 2011 Boats and 2012 PWCs. My suspicion is it just got left off...
  8. alexander15

    FOR SALE 1996 sea-doo speedster jet boat

    $5500. 1996 seadoo speedster jet boat well maintained. first off it has 257hrs on the ecu engines run time log checked by watercraft direct in costa mesa. this model came with dual 717 rotaxengines. with that your getting 718 cc's getting you 170hp. the upholestry is perfect and new. two new...
  9. L

    GPS Tracker

    May have the opportunity to store boat a lot closer to lake - where also more susceptible to theft... Your recommendations for trackers are... ? If relevant to subscription requirement, boat / use is in primarily in BC, sometimes WA. As an aside, a while back read about one that uses a phone...
  10. captcharles

    '06 Utopia 205 beep, beep, beep

    When I turn on the main battery cut off switch I get a small beep from the engine compartment and 3 loud beeps from the dash. Is this normal? This boat is new to me and I have yet to get it in the water. After messing with it a bit I found out it only does that with the DESS key in place. If...
  11. jjguido

    First Boat

    My First Boat 2001 Sea Doo Chalenger 1800 Plan to use it on Manatee River Sarasota Fl
  12. jaybird

    Question for the community.......

    I have a 2006 Seadoo Sportster 155 HP, single engine, non turbo. Other than knowing I need a new impeller and wear ring, the boat runs fine, and is a blast to drive. Top speed with gps is only 38mph, which is why I know I need them parts, I hope. The only other thing I have experienced is after...
  13. dbechth

    GTX 4Tec 185 transplant into a 16ft aluminum V bottom

    Hi everyone, I have been meaning to start a thread for quite some time to track my progress on my 4Tec transplant project. My goal for this project is to end up with a boat that can be run on the Cedar River in Iowa without concern of ripping off a lower unit or damaging a prop in the many snags...
  14. R

    WTB 2006 or same model boat seat.

    I was boating one day and somehow one of my back seat cushions flew out and I didn't see. Wanting to buy just the back rest if possible but will buy the whole seat if need be. (NOT THE SEAT COVER, THE WHOLE SEAT)
  15. CDM1955

    Yes I know another Cavitation Issue. I have tried everything I know. HELP!

    Forum, Please forgive me if I am not posting this in the correct section. I have seen Cavitation threads on here and some are closed and I have done the two fixes but still experiencing problems. I am new but have seen and used much of the advice here and am very grateful. Here is what I...
  16. B

    Custom seadoo aluminum boat trim

    Hello folks I recently took my 95 seadoo spx (657x) cut it up and stuck it in my aluminum boat it runs great with a rebuilt motor from sbt and performs better than expected on the water but one problem I have is I need longer cables. Luckily seadoo used the 657x in their boats so I'm able to...
  17. M

    787 RAVE Valve Missing Nut

    Broke the threaded stem on one of my RAVE valves, when I removed the top end, the other end went into the bottom of the boat cavity. I ordered the new valve and a couple of parts that melted, but did not order the plunger. The plunger looked good, did not think about the nut being part of the...
  18. M

    Hole in Exhaust Tuned Pipe

    2001 Challenger with twin 717s. Last time on the water the left engine started losing power and wouldn't rev past 5000. On the trailer it has trouble starting. Once started it won't idle, only run with throttle part way up. After starting the hose, water starts squirting from the curved exhaust...
  19. C

    Minivan to pull a boat

    Hi Gang! I would like to buy a minivan for the family in the next month, but would also like to buy a fishing boat in five years when my kids are old enough to appreciate it. The more I research the topic, the more confused I become. Some state that minivans should not be used for towing, even...
  20. D

    Parting Out 1996 Twin Engine Rotax SeaDoo Speedster Jet Boat in Central Wisconsin

    Parting 1996 Twin Engine Rotax SeaDoo Speedster Challenger Sportster Jet Ski Boat Parting out a 1996 SeaDoo Speedster Jet Boat I purchased for the trailer. These parts may fit many other models... you need to figure out if they fit yours. Prices do not include shipping. PayPal if fine...