1. S

    Stator timing issues

    Hey everyone I hope I’m posting this in the correct spot as this is my first post! I have a 95 sportster with the 657x engine I recently lost spark and the stator had failed I removed stator and installed in one, I marked the old one and have the new one pretty bang on I’d say but when I go to...
  2. lassebjornevik

    1994 SeaDoo XP 657X, no spark

    Hi, I recently bought an old SeaDoo XP and I knew there were problems with the spark. The previous owner said it probably was the Ignition Coil since he had replaced the MPEM. I bought a new coil and replaced the old one, but still no spark... I searched online for troubleshooting guides and...
  3. jason30

    1995 Speedster stored 12 years

    Looking for suggestions please - I have a 1995 SeaDoo Speedster only about 70 hours on engines from new. Boat has been stored and not running in 12 years. Always dealer serviced, stored indoors, always in freshwater. Boat last winterized by Seadoo dealer 10/2009 then sat. Engine bay seems good...
  4. CreekerMike

    Broken E Box Mounts

    Greetings all, Hope everyone is fairing well through the covid and the cold weather! Now to my question. Is there any known fix or good solution for repairing the small tabs on the back of the e box that lock it into the mounting tray? Overtime they seem to become brittle and in hard riding I've...
  5. T

    Compression Question

    Hello, I am new to the forum and to the Seadoo world. A buddy and I bought a 93 and 94 Xp this spring and his was running sluggish so I thought I would do a compression test. The 94 with the 657 engine is running at 125psi and is sluggish, can get up to speed but not very quickly. On the other...
  6. S

    Which Rotary Valve do I need!?

    I recently picked up a non running 94 XP with a 657X. The motor was toast, and the guy i bought it from gave me an extra engine that he was under the impression was a good engine, i went ahead and threw a new top end kit in the new engine before putting it in the ski. The original engine that...
  7. Boshwash

    95 GTX bog and Carburetion Education

    Hey guys! I've got a few questions to start with and potentially more to follow. I have 1995 GTX thats been in my family since it was purchased new. It just got a remanufactured SBT engine that I installed, as well as the carbs rebuilt, which I also did. Took them to a semi-local shop to...
  8. S

    1995/96 GTX Re-replacement of Gas Lines following Bad Carb rebuild?

    With the help of this forum, I rebuilt the carbs (all OSD parts) on my 1994 & 1995 GTXs 2 yrs ago, and swapped all the gas lines out at that time; however, in a haste to get on the lake before the summer was over, I didn't swap out the fuel selectors (me = idiot). They both screamed down the...
  9. 92seadoo

    Best top end kit for a high compression 580?

    Hello everyone, I'm doing a full rebuild on my modded 580 that will be running on race gas and as of now I'm debating on the brand of pistons i get. I'm looking at Pro X, Wiseco, and WSM Platinums...I wanted to try Wiseco because thats what i used to run in my dirt bikes but I'm hearing...
  10. Charleston

    Parted out functional 1994 Seadoo XP.

    I have just about everything removed. Feel free to IM me if you need something. I accept payment through paypal. Still available (more just not listed here) Full set rub rails (indigo/violet) 657 Engine started with 130/140 compression. MPEM electronic box. Storage hood with gauges...
  11. alx401

    need help with rotary valve 94 657x

    installed rotary valve using 149 and 65 degree. Problem is the plate will not line up on both. its at least 10 degree diffrence. Should i split the diffrence and both marks be off a little or one side dead on?
  12. C

    587 657 engine swap question.

    Hey everyone first post here. I've been working on seadoos for a while but encountered this today. Customer brought in a 1993 seadoo xp with a blown 657 (non-x) engine. I had a perfect 587 from a 1996 spi that I swapped in. I did ll the normal stuff, jet pump service and engine alignment, new...
  13. J

    93 XP 657X Engine noise after replacing pistons - now won't start

    Recently replaced the pistons and rings in a 657X engine from a 93 XP ski. Once the engine was put back together, we checked compression, and both sides were at 120-130psi. Took a while to start the first time, but it eventually started running. The second time we tried to start it, it made...
  14. 2

    95 XP Engine swap questions 717 to 657

    So I bought my original complete 95 xp with a 717 motor and within 2 days blew that motor up (I have a whole thread on it. FML) So here's my ordeal.... My new (to me) 95 xp with a 717 actually came with 2 spare motors both 657! Freakin awesome deal! One seems like it has good compression and...
  15. G

    1996 GTI idenity crisis?

    I acquired a 1996 GTI which I've set up for fishing (fish finder, rocket tubes, rod holders, tackle box, etc) and the GTI size and stability works great for this. I fish the California Delta and we have species from panfish up to stripped Bass, salmon and Sturgeon. The ski makes a great bass...
  16. powerslave

    Fuel line routing help (95 spx)

    OK, I changed my fuel lines and pulled the tanks also to empty and clean out. I made a diagram of the lines to help me route the new fuel lines. I'm guessing my fuel line map and want to make sure the lines are being routed properly. In this pic, do I have the lines labeled correctly in...
  17. W

    1994 sea doo xp 587??

    Hello everyone. im new to this site, and also new to watercraft. I work at a snowmobile, motorcyle and atv dealership though, and have my fair share of mechanical knowledge. I have been doing my research, and recently purchased a 1994 sea doo xp. Now comes the weird part, when researching the...
  18. R

    657 oiling

    OK, I got motor apart and it was the "Layrinth Sleeve" that attempted to weld itself to the crank that was the problem. What I do not get is the oiling for these areas. What oils the bearings at either end of the crank? With the engine apart, I am not seeing any oil passages. somebody please...
  19. N

    Dreaded 4000rpm wait 4-8 seconds then goes Fast!

    93 Seadoo XP 657 I'll start here.. Fresh engine. New crank New pistons New Rotary Valve New Rotary shaft new impeller new wear ring Rebuilt carbs Mukini kits Black fuel lines with inline filter right before carb I lined up the Rotary valve with the mark on the...
  20. R

    Wtb: 657

    Looking for 657 long block to salvage my daughters summer. I will pay/arrange shipping to CT 06379. racin84@excite.com