1. R

    2001 GTX800 Stalling In Water

    2001 GTX800 Injection, engine runs good when not in water only water hose connected(or not), but when you put in water at idle speed after 30sec to a minute rpm drops and engine stalls, can restart engine but same thing happens. If i start and put it in forward/reverse and give throttle i can go...
  2. C

    Vts not working

    Hey everyone recently bought a 2002 rx di as an upgrade to a prior ski but on the last ride of the year the vts was stuck in the up position and I was not able to adjust it. It would just click when trying to put it down and make no noise at all when trying to move it up. I removed the vts motor...
  3. S

    What non TC-w3 oil to use on 02’ bombardier RX??

    I’ve been researching oils and besides the Seadoo brand I’m not sure what to get. I know I’m supposed to get a BOMBARDIER ROtax SYNTHETIC 2-Cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil Low ash thats certified API TC and to NOT use tc-w3. Everything I find on google is Tc-w3 or outboard oils. Can someone...
  4. S

    Seadoo beeper continously beeps

    Have a 1996 GTI I've rebuilt alot on. I've replaced the buzzer and start switch with high quality options from osdparts.com. I also replaced the info gauge from a reseller on ebay. All the multifunctions of the gauge work. I rebuilt the fuel baffle so gas level would show properly. Temperature...
  5. C

    RESTO Dual Resto: 1992 SPi and 2001 GTX DI Restoration

    Hello, everyone! So, after many days of searching the forum, reading on restorations, and wondering how to go about my two “problems”, I joined the forum. The reason for joining and searching is that I recently acquired two semi-neglected Sea Doos for free. One is a 1992 SPi 580 white engine...
  6. Gdgough12

    97 Seadoo XP Carb... HELP ME FID THIS PART

    Anyone know where I can find this part for my carb!? Or a part #!?!? I was testing all of my injection ports and this one is dead I guess. Nothing will flow through it.
  7. C

    1995 GTX dual carburetor problem

    Hey guys new to the site. I got a project ski that needed carb work which was rebuilt with mikuni issued rebuild kit. The left is spitting & the right one there’s nothing going in. It’s dry. The ski starts but then bogs down after a few seconds. It’s a 657x engine with dual mikuni carbs & I...
  8. jonjul

    Engine alarm problem

    I have a 2004 SEADOO RX DI with 2t, Rotax engine. The engine starts fine and run ok with low rmp. - when i throttle it to higher rmp. it goes into emergency mode / alarm mode and error light comes on. Anyone know these engines and can give tips on where to start troubleshooting? How can a read...
  9. D

    1st time PWC owner - What to do before I take them out? (lots of questions)

    Bought 2 PWC for cheap, not running as they had been sitting for 12 years. I have since rebuilt the carbs, ran new fuel lines, changed spark plugs, re-covered seats, and cleaned em. That's it. They both run pretty damn good, wish I had seen the carb rebuild sticky here before hand but things...
  10. G

    No spark

    Im posting for help with a seadoo I'm working on for a friend. He dropped off a 1995 seadoo gtx. He rebuilt the motor and every thing worked fine til one day it cut off on him so he thought it was the fuel system. Asked me to go through it and clean it all, which I did. Still didn't help. Next...
  11. roberthaysus

    New to SeaDoo's! My Projects.

    Here are a few pics I snapped quickly of my first SeaDoo's. Thanks to SeaDooForum it has been a lot of fun working on my new to me ski's. I will take a some better pics to post as I make needed repairs and get them all cleaned up hopefully some better before and after pics. I have 2 1997 GSI's...
  12. T

    Buying a 2003 Seadoo Sportster

    According to the seller.... has less than 150 hour on it, it tops out at 55 mph. He's looking to get 5000 obo cash or a trade for a car or motorcycle about the same value it has the 2 stroke motor in it should the compression be between 150 psi, and 135 psi? Also what else should I be...