Meet-&-Greet June 20th, 2009

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PWC Florida Social Club
Family and Friends Fun Day

You, your family, friends and whoever else you can muster up, are invited to the very first in a series of informal rendezvous the social club will be sponsoring!

On Saturday, June 20th, at around 11:00 a.m., we will be gathering at "Snake Island", just inside the Venice Inlet. You can come earlier or later, but if you come, bring some food to cook on a grill, a salad, or cold covered dish. We will consider this a "Pot Luck" affair and we will be cooking and serving whatever food you bring on the island.

The Island is all sandy, with Lots of trees for shade. You can either pull up on the beach, or anchor and wade to shore. There are 3 state boat launches very close to the location, or you can run the ICW from surrounding areas. Fuel dock is within about ½ mile too.
Just behind the island in Roberts Bay, there is a watersports area where you can water-ski, wakeboard or tube. For the fisherman, who want to make a full day out of this, the Venice area has some of the best fishing grounds in Sarasota County. Maybe we can even cook your catch after a morning of drowning some bait.

This is an inexpensive, relaxing way for Seadoo Forum members to socialize in a different venue and hopefully we can attract a few new members. I talked to local Law enforcement about our group, and they recommended this location For Grilling-N-Chilling! The Island has a no wake zone around the perimeter so no Hull bumping from passing boaters, yet close enough to have fast fun in a short distance away.

Here is what we need:
1) Club members to commit and show up for a great time (25 would be good)
2) A couple portable propane grills
3) Cooking / serving utensils
4) Some coolers with ice
5) Soft drinks for the kids
6) A couple tables or something to serve food on
7) Trash bags for cleanup
8) Aluminum Foil, plastic wrap for leftovers
9) Paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins

The cost to you = Nothing, Nodda, Zero, Zilch !

Let's make this a big turnout and keep the interest in our Social Club strong. If you have any questions or suggestions, add a post below. Please try to make this event and provide a RSVP, as soon as possible.

We really need at least 25 members to have a good time. This will be a good way to see if we can get enough members together to have a Poker-Run organized later in the season.

Click on the link below for Google Earth Pic; ( Small Island Between, No. Jetty Park,4Bays Dr.,and Inlet Circle on the map),-82.463701&spn=0.015662,0.028496&z=15

1) Kustomkarl / Moderator (4)...... (Organizer of event)
2) JoeZ / Admin (3)
3) hfgreg / Admin (3)
4) seadoosnipe / Super Moderator
5) custompartsguy (2)
6) Z85Mike (3)
7) bogginyota
8) mud mickey (2-5)
9) vfr700f2 (2)
10) euro Scott
11) DarbysDad (3)
12) Darren (4)
13) Djames59 (2)
14) Captain Scale (2)
15) gti bri
19) New members that can't access the forum might need to have their account activated, PM either kustomkarl or JoeZ
22) Link for local boat launches

Current Estimated Total Attending: 33

All members (18+) who show up will be able to test ride the brand new 2009 SeaDoo RXT iS. Also, they will be bringing down a new Speedster to give rides in. This is possible thanks to the hard work of Phil Addy over at Douglas Powersports of Sarasota.
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Count my girlfriend and I in!

I can bring a 120 quart cooler along with a small camping size propane grill, and some horseshoes.
Sounds fun!

Wow man, it sounds like a great place!.... Now that you have a firm date, I'll see if I can get vacation on that weekend. I should know by next week. If it comes through, I'll sign up..........!
Yes, Kids are welcome. This is a family event for everyone. All members are invited to attend and bring your kids.

Thanks for the invitation, but we will be at Longboat Key on vacation until June 14th. Will not be able to make it back down that way.
its vary far but ill go i want to jump some waves with my kawasaki x2 i cant ride it very well i have not had it that long i dont know were the ramp is if you could put the address for the ramp that would be grate

Here is the address of the beach closest to the island @ North Jetty Park; 1000 S Casey Key Rd
Nokomis, FL 34275

Get Directions
[/SIZE](941) 861-5000
* approximate times

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The boat ramp is just across from the maybe 50' away...look at the post above for the address. I have a link to google world there too.:cheers:

To far away???????

Wow, I'm seeing some "to far away" excuses. Man, I'm coming down from Alabama!'s a days drive but the way everyone talked about the fun they had last year, I wouldn't miss it!

Come on all you Florida members!.........lets get together! Gas is to cheap right now to pass this one by! Plus, I know there are several out there that want to go up against KustomKarl's boat to show him your 4-TEC's are faster than his!...........:cheers:
Sounds like a great time!

If I come by Sea Doo it will be just 1-2 of us. If by boat likely 3-5.

If by ski I'll be limited on what I can bring but will still bring what I can. If by boat I'll bring a some type of food for all.

I'll update this thread as the date gets closer.

For those that asked there are many boat ramps available.

Sarasota County
Angler's Resort, 1385 Gulf Blvd. on Tampa Bay, Englewood.
Holiday Travel Park, 1475 Flamingo Dr., SR 775 & 776, Englewood.
Indian Mound Park, Winston St. on Lemon Bay, Englewood.
Weston's Resort, 985 Gulf Rd., Englewood.
Nokomis Beach, 901 Casey Key Rd., on Dona Bay, Nokomis.
North Jetty Park, 1000 Casey Key Rd. at Venice Inlet, Gulf of Mexico, Nokomis. Good for canoes, sailfish and small boats.
Blackburn Point Park, on Sarasota Bay, Osprey. For canoes only.
Centennial Park, 1059 Tamiami Trail and 11th St., Sarasota.
Ken Thompson Park, 1700 Ken Thompson Pkwy., Lido Key, Sarasota Bay, Sarasota.
Turtle Beach, 8918 Midnight Pass Rd., Siesta Key, Little Sarasota Bay, Sarasota.
Manasota Beach, Manasota Beach Rd. on Manasota Key, South Venice.
Higel Park, 1330 Tarpon Center Dr. & Venice Ave., Roberts Bay, Venice.
Marina Boat Ramps, 216 E. Venice Ave. at Venice By Pass, Venice.
Great information MM. There are lots of ways to get your seadoo to our location. Keep us updated for a good head count. I have other friends that aren't seadoo owners that want to join us just because they know it will be a good time. All are welcome to attend for a good time. :)

Karl :cheers:

Uh, I don't know if any food will fit in my storage compartment after I put my back pack in there. That has my laptop and other equipment I use to keep up with the forum. I'm going to have to use it to capture pix for the thread!...KustomKarl gettin the pants beat off him running his nitro methane, twin 4-TEC engines (pumping 600 hp) and my 2015 model (it's not out on the market yet) TXT-X with it's after burning gas turbine engine. I've got friends who follow me just to roast their marshmellows or brown their hotdogs.........The thing is capable of over 100 mph with auto retracting hydro-foils and an automatic parachute if the thing gets squirrely......:rofl:

Oh,......................then I wake up.
As long as I get mine running right, the wife and I will be there. If I don't get mine running, then I'll be there with _her_ ski!

Im at Snake about every week end anyway so count me in, but my ski's run like crap so I'll probably be in one of my boats.I do have a 24ft partybarge pontoon if it helps to haul stuff otherwise Ill be in my 21 superboat


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As long as I get mine running right, the wife and I will be there. If I don't get mine running, then I'll be there with _her_ ski!

Cool, I'll add both of you to the list...(2)

Im at Snake about every week end anyway so count me in, but my ski's run like crap so I'll probably be in one of my boats.I do have a 24ft partybarge pontoon if it helps to haul stuff otherwise Ill be in my 21 superboat

A party barge might be a big help for the Large propane grill Seadoosnipe is bringing. It's big enough to cook like 20 burgers I think he said. 2 people can handle it to load in his pick up truck. He's bringing a PWC so a party barge would be a big help on site to transfer from the launch.

Thanks for replying. I'll add you to the list. :)

Looks like we'll be there!

Count us in for 3, my wife and 3-year old daughter.

We'll bring paper plates and plastic utensils!! (gotta love Costco!)

See you there!

Meet N Greet! Count Me In!

I live in Sarasota, so there is no excuse not to be there!
I 'll bring hotdogs and hambergers!
I 'll be there with my 11 year old daughter and I will try to get my wife and 4 year old son there too!

Let me know closer to the date if there is something needed and we will get it there!

Lookin forward to meeting yall!

Thanx for the reply Darren. I'll add your family to the list. If we need anything else I give ya a holler. I'm hopping all members bring something to share so it's a equal spread across the membership...We should have a great time. :)

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