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I have a 1997 seadoo gtx 787 brand new engine I just put in and broke it in pretty good already the other day I was riding and it shut off so I look and I ran out of oil!!!!!!! Sucks I know. So anyways it wasent a bad shutoff and the engine was about as hot as it always is so I got towed in took it home let it sit. A long to time to cool and got some oil and some spray oil stuff the guy at the store gave me and sprayed it in the cylinders and also put oil in the gas and oil tank and it started up no problem and and sounded the same. Is there any extra things I can do to save it and do you think there will be any problems with? O and I looked at the oil lines and the oil I put in the oil tank is not going thru the lines is it cause I ran it dry and need to get the air out please help! Thanks, George.
if its not grinding n stuff you might be ok. might want to drop some regular oil in the plug holes. my 657 has a bleed plug on the oil pump yours probly does too. For mine i had to take the air box out and use a mirror to see under my carbs. Get ahold of the service manual and it should show ya. do you have an oil light on that? Did it come on? if not nows the time to fix the sending unit or gauge.
-good luck!
Welllll...... The damage is done.

Personally, I would just put in 2 new pistons, and hone the cylinders. Since it will run, the damage is minimal... but once the pistons "Stick" they need to be replaced.

Next... You did right in adding oil to the fuel... but you need to add enough to make the tank at least 50:1. (did you add enough oil?) Also, don't pour any oil, other than 2-stroke directly into the engine. (unless you are taking it apart)

Yes, you need to purge the oil lines. On the face of your injection pump, there is a small bolt (or screw). take it out, and allow the oil to flow down the line. Once the line is full... put the bolt back in, andstart the ski, and hold the lever on the pump open to full wile the engine is idling. It's going to smoke like crazy, but that will push the air out of the pump.

Once that is done, you can ride it at your own risk... but like I said, I would replace the pistons and rings at minimum.

Last thing... when purging the injection pump... you will need to have it hooked to a hose so you don't overheat the engine, and you will want to spray soapy water on your carbon seal so you don't overheat it.

Good luck
undo the bleed screw at the oil pump, to prime the line. Then w/ motor idling, pull on the oil injection arm to prime the little oil lines going to the RV cover. After you've primed, take compression test, if all good, go rip it around.

Thanks for all your help guys. But do you think I can walk out of here with out buying new pistons and stuff I mean it sounds fine?
Thanks for all your help guys. But do you think I can walk out of here with out buying new pistons and stuff I mean it sounds fine?

It's up to you, but you know what I would do. your engine could run a long time without an issue, or it could fail the first time out. right now it's pistons and rings. If it fails... it could be catastrophic, and leave you with a non-rebuildable engine.

At absolute minimum... I would pull the pistons to make sure there was no melting of the crowns, and to make sure the rings are free, but there would be no way I would want to take it out for a ride until the internals were inspected. (it could leave you stranded)
Bleeding Oil Lines

How do you Bleed the oil lines cause my dad said he undid the screw a little oil came out so he put it back in and the air was still in the lines what are we doing wrong? Thanks George
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