GTX DI 2002 Starts perfectly every time but dies out

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Hi all, hopefully somebody can help me with this as it’s been doing my head in for the past week.

Basically, went and bought a 2002 DI GTX 951 and during water test it seemed to be running decently, then I give it a good blast for about two seconds to make sure the power was there and it was. About 10 seconds later the revs began to drop and she started sputtering and eventually died. Popped the lanyard off and back on again and she started perfectly, ran for about 5 seconds and died again. So I had to keep starting here and basically limping her back to shore on whatever power I had. No beeps other than the standard two and also no MAINT light.

When dying out it wouldn’t just suddenly stop, it would always hesitate and try to keep running so I thought it was an obvious fuel/air issue. Every single time without fail it would start straight back up perfectly without hesitation whether or not the lanyard was removed.

So got her home, siphoned out about 40 litres of petrol and then went and put 20 litres in at filling station. Took to the water and still no good, but we persisted with it and just as we were about to put her back on the trailer my dad said he felt as if she would run this time. I’m not sure what made him think this but I put my life jacket on and went back out on the water and sure enough she ran like a dream. Whether or not the fact that she only started running sweet after about 2 minutes of using the learner key is useful I’m not sure.

Was out on the water for about 2/3 minutes with the learner key on full throttle, jumping waves etc and the power was there with absolutely no hesitation or rough running what so ever. Then decided to stop and change to normal key and boy did she go!

About 10 minutes of WOT out on the water and some serious air time off of waves, she pulled really really well, all the power was there. Then my dad went on it for about 2 minutes and she bogged and died again. Started perfectly instantly after dying but would only run a minute or so then dying. The more we went, the quicker she died. Swapped keys etc but no use.

My dad said to me he felt that she died every time he went over a wave, so I took her out, eventually got her to run for more than 10 seconds on idle. Was just sitting there idling and a small wave came at me which hadn’t even broke yet. As soon as the wave touched the jet ski and she began to raise the engine sputtered and died. At this point I’m basically thinking fuel pump so I take her home.

Got it home, removed and cleaned RAVE valves, which she ran slightly longer before dying but most likely coincidence. But still problem persisted. I checked the plugs and both were fouled pure black with carbon. They were dry fouled, not wet. Changed plugs and she ran for a considerable amount of time, but then revs started to jump about and eventually died out. Again, fired back up without hesitation but would keep hesitating and dying. If I removed the lanyard and put it back before starting again she would run slightly longer, so I’m still thinking something to do with fuel/air delivery as the pump would prime every time the lanyard was removed. The pump is nice and loud and sounds smooth when pumping.

When she dies, all info screens turn off too, but will come on once engine is started. Bare in mind when she dies out the lanyard does not have to be removed to get her to start again.

I haven’t done a compression test as I’ve no tester. I removed plugs and cranked over and equal amounts of fuel spray came from each cylinder. I also removed battery and cleaned down terminals and re installed.

I’m fairly new to PWCs and this is keeping me busy but is definitely starting to annoy me.

Basic summary:
Starts perfectly everytime
Will run for a random amount of time then hesitate and die out
She will die either on trailer or in water
No strange smoke
No MAINT light
Will start again without having to remove lanyard
Runs slightly longer once pump is primed via removing lanyard
If I try to rev sometimes she will be fine, other times she bogs out straight away and dies
When she did decide to run well, she ran very very well for about 15 minutes before playing up again

I appreciate this is a very long read but I can’t seem to get an exact answer elsewhere. Any help at all would be appreciated guys, want to avoid taking to a shop if possible but if it needs to go there it needs to go.

Thanks in advance guys.
Sounds like a bad DESS post. If it acts like someone pulled the lanyard and then immediately restarts that’s usually it.

If you beeper isn’t working it’s hard to tell. The beeper will tell you if it’s recognizing the key. You don’t have to reprogram anything when replacing the DESS post.
It's beeps twice when lanyard attached. When it dies it isn't an instant shut off as if the lanyard has been pulled, it tries to stay running. But eventually struggles too much and dies.
Do you know if it is an aftermarket fuel pump or OEM?
Fuel pressure is critical on Direct Injection skis. Pressure should be a combined 107psi.
Black soot plugs is a good sign of a clogged fuel injector.
I recommend you check the fuel pressure.
I also recommend you clean or replace the injectors. I forget the name of where I get mine cleaned. Ahh! Just remembered!
Sea-Doo Bombardier BRP Fuel Injector

Since you just got the ski, it would be a good idea to pull the fuel pump and replace the fuel filters on the pump. Then replace the large canister filter with a new one. I personally cut the filter off the fuel line and replace with an inline metal filter.
Pump filters: Airtex FS220 & FS242
Inline filter: Wix 33095
Legend mate, some really good useful info on this post. I'll look into it best I can. Not sure if it's ever had a pump so I can't say, but with 102 hours I'm sure it's either already had one or in serious need. Thanks very much bud!
Had the same problem about 2 years ago.... Turns out the rubber splash guard was installed wrong and it got sucked up into my air intake. Doh! pulled it out, put it on the right way and now hits 64 mph np.
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