rough running

  1. S

    GTX DI 2002 Starts perfectly every time but dies out

    Hi all, hopefully somebody can help me with this as it’s been doing my head in for the past week. Basically, went and bought a 2002 DI GTX 951 and during water test it seemed to be running decently, then I give it a good blast for about two seconds to make sure the power was there and it was...
  2. zschwalbe4

    Runaway RPM's on trailer

    96 spx will idle for a while on the garden hose, but if I throttle at all it will rev way up and won't stop unless I pull the choke. After pulling the choke, it calms down, but then builds back up by itself untill I pull the choke again. It doesn't do this in the water (I'm assuming something...
  3. dothadoo

    Water Leak Speedster 150

    Well, I put my 2007 Speedster 150 SC boat in the water for the first time this past weekend and it was a rough start. Traffic just getting to the lake was bad enough, but we didn't make it there until around 7:30 and I was really hoping we would have enough light to put the boat in and take a...
  4. C

    1995 gtx running troubles

    i just bought a 95 gtx and when i pit it in the water, it has trouble starting. after it is started it will run fine until i take it back to dock when it will bog out and will not start after. yesterday i discovered that if i take a plug wire off and let it just crank a few rounds, then connect...