Water Leak Speedster 150

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Well, I put my 2007 Speedster 150 SC boat in the water for the first time this past weekend and it was a rough start. Traffic just getting to the lake was bad enough, but we didn't make it there until around 7:30 and I was really hoping we would have enough light to put the boat in and take a quick spin. I back it down the ramp, push it off, push the start button and get click, click. Dead battery! Charge it over night, get up at about 6:15 anxious to take a spin. I hop in and she starts right up this time. I slowly ease up on the throttle to full speed, then the engine starts to sputter and I immediately turn around and put it back on the trailer.

I am at this point thinking bad gas or spark plugs, however upon opening the engine hatch, I notice some water in the bilge. Not a whole lot, but enough to be able to pump it out. I thought I may have a hose leak issue, so I back it down into the water, keeping it on the trailer and start it up but do not notice any hoses leaking. Well, upon further inspection I found the leak at the aft part of the boat where the hull and deck meet. While on the trailer, this portion of the boat is still under water.

The funny thing about this is that my last Sportster 4-Tec leaked from the exact same spot. I did not really think too much of it though, bc the previous owner had backed into something enough to pop the rivets and apparently adhesive, so I thought that was the culprit. But this new boat is in great shape and i do not even see any marks on the rub rail at the back. My question is, has anyone ever had this same issue with their Speedster/Sportster 4-tec? If so, is there an easy remedy? On the Sportster, I tried putting 5200 around the top and bottom of the rub rail, but the leak remained. My next thought was to spray some of that As Seen on TV, Flex Seal back there. Thoughts?

And btw, the rough running engine was just the spark plugs. It runs great now and is so much better than the 155hp engine.
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