leaking water

  1. JimyIrons

    2005 Seadoo GTI Tuned pipe hole

    I was getting both my Seadoos ready for lake season... GTI LE RFI ran fine first start as usual... my GTI LE 2 stroke started no problem after third time but noticed water spewing into the engine compartment. I took the below video... looks like a hole in the tuned pipe. :( So my question is...
  2. Richard deleon

    Having a leak problem !!! Help

    Ok so I took my boat out 4 times in the last 2 months or so after buying it...not one problem. But this last time I started to hear a stream or water leak from the bilge area, opened her up and saw water streaming in from the right side of the boat. But I couldn’t locate where it wash comming...
  3. A

    96 sp seal leaking

    I have a 1989 seadoo sp and my motor mounts went bad . this caused my seal that goes thru the hull to leak due to the mis aligned shaft. how do i replace the seal and what part do i need?
  4. S

    2000 seadoo xp is leaking

    my 2000 seadoo xp is leaking from the rear somewhere. any suggestions?
  5. dothadoo

    Water Leak Speedster 150

    Well, I put my 2007 Speedster 150 SC boat in the water for the first time this past weekend and it was a rough start. Traffic just getting to the lake was bad enough, but we didn't make it there until around 7:30 and I was really hoping we would have enough light to put the boat in and take a...
  6. hollywoodbadguy1

    Water leaking out of drive shaft. In 1990 sp 587 rotax

    HAY EVERYONE. well i have one of the 2 90's running great. found the spark proublem on the other one put in the 38sbn carb got rid of the round one. took it out to the harbor and found water leaking out of the drive shaft behind the engine. im assuming i have to replace the seals? thanks for...