seadoo gtx problem

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    GTX DI 2002 Starts perfectly every time but dies out

    Hi all, hopefully somebody can help me with this as it’s been doing my head in for the past week. Basically, went and bought a 2002 DI GTX 951 and during water test it seemed to be running decently, then I give it a good blast for about two seconds to make sure the power was there and it was...
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    1996 Sea-Doo GTX won't start up. Please Help

    I have a 1996 Sea-Doo GTX with a new SBT engine that has never been used on the water. It has about 5 minutes on it. I installed the engine and was able to start and run it while flushing with the garden hose. I turned it off because it was idling too high between 4000/5000 RPMs per the tach...
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    2000 seadoo gtx 951, connection problem?

    This is a 2000 seadoo gtx millimium edition, ive been having problems with this one, everytime it looks like i fixed something there's a new problem. About 2 weeks ago i tried to start my key, pushed to start, and nothing happened, no sound just silence. I assumed it was a electrical problem, so...