bogging stalling

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    97 GTX idles but dies with throttle

    I having an issue getting my 97 GTX up and running again. I took it out to the lake and it was ridding just fine then all of a sudden it started bogging down when trying to accelerate so I had to idle back to the dock. The ski starts and idle just fine, but instantly dies when you pull the...
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    2001 seadoo rx 951

    NEED HELP??? I have a seadoo rx 951 that’s is bogging down won’t rev up in the water. Revs good While on the trailer this is a second carburetor I install thinking is that. Compression is around 128 on both cylinders. Any advice thanks.
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    05 Sportster bogging/cutting out

    I bought this boat about a month ago. Upon doing some research I keep seeing similar issues with carbureted engines, but mine is a 4-tec efi. Start/ stop is flawless, it runs fine for a while, even at speed and planing, but usually about 40 minutes in it starts to sputter and die. This happens...
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    1996 xp bogging on low rpm but runs fine on high rpm

    Hey again, i got a problem with the ski stalling if i gun it from idle. But if i kinda play with it a bit to get it over 3000rpm or so it will run fine. If i pull the choke half way and release it really quick it will not stall and i can get it up to rpm much easier.
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    GTX DI 2002 Starts perfectly every time but dies out

    Hi all, hopefully somebody can help me with this as it’s been doing my head in for the past week. Basically, went and bought a 2002 DI GTX 951 and during water test it seemed to be running decently, then I give it a good blast for about two seconds to make sure the power was there and it was...
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    96 GSX 787 Rotax troubleshooting help

    I have a 1996 GSX with the 787 Rotax and am in need of some troubleshooting help. Bought it a year ago from a guy who barely rode it and as it sits now it's only got 50 hours on it. A few weeks ago I cleaned her up, put all new fuel in it, Ultra 93 non ethanol and took it out for a rip...
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    Seadoo GS bogging after 20 minutes of use...

    Hi all, just bought a gs 2000, great shape, had it looked at by a certified bombardier dealer, spent $180 just to get the ok and make sure there were no problems. They took it for a 20 minute test drive could not find anything wrong with it. I took it to my lake today, and after around 20-25...