Fuel Pump Reservoir: Inner Filter Replacement (Not lower filter) 2009 SEADOO GTX 215

Hi Folks

Can anyone suggest what to do in this situation? I have been fixing the fuel system on my 2009 Seadoo GTX 215 after I left the craft sitting for 4 years and the tank got filled with gum, which I now know is caused by a bug growing from water in the fuel. I have cleaned everything out, but now the filter in the base of my fuel sender is badly damaged from the Fuel Cleaner fluid I used, it's age and the gum that got caught in this filter. It's not the lower filter, which is replaceable but the filter inside the pump reservoir. Please see the pictures.

1. So, how do I replace this filter?
2. If it's not replaceable, do I have to buy a new sender or should I just clean this unit and keep running it as is?
3. Once I re-install the sender, the manual says I need to pressure test the fuel system. Is this necessary?


This is what my sender looks like....


Thanks in advance.
Looks like they sell a aftermarket inner filter for your ski, although not sure how the old comes comes out. Hopefully someone will chime in that's knows.